Tour du Mont Blanc-Day 11

Refuge La Boerne – Chamonix Friday 21st August 2020 “Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the moments and places that take our breath away” We have been greeted with forests, barren rocky terrain and vast green valleys, a real mix of wild landscapes and snowy peaks, each day…

Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 10

Refuge Le Peuty – Refuge La Boerne Thursday 20th August 2020 “Hiking is the answer, who cares what the question is”. Everyone was up early and preparing backpacks which we have got down to a fine art. We had breakfast in the yurt and reluctantly left Trient to rejoin the TMB trail at La Peuty….

Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 9

Champex – Refuge Le Peuty Wednesday 19th August 2020 Today we were leaving Champex what looks like a floating village or a castle in the sky.  We were heading to a hamlet called Trient. Each section of the trail is comprised of a serious uphill slog, almost always immediately followed by an equally relentless descent….

Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 8

Chalet Val Ferret – Champex Tuesday 18th August 2020 Today was another up, up, down and up.  These guys know how to do it here….lets put a long distance hike right here crossing over three countries but let’s make it tough, the steeper the better and then for an even bigger giggle let’s put in…

Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 7

Courmayeur – Chalet Val Ferret Monday 17th August 2020 I am so glad I had my camera battery fully charged once more for todays scenery!  We started hiking from Courmayeur centre, heading yip, you guessed it, straight up a massive climb. Once we reach the top of our first hill of the day already the…

Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 6

Courmayeur – rest day Sunday 16th August 2020 Today we had a ‘rest’ day in Courmayeur.  We wandered the town which is an Alpine resort in northwest Italy, at the foot of Mont Blanc. We ate ice cream, drank coffee, relaxed and walked as little as possible…ow and washed clothes!

Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 5

Refuge Robert Blanc – Courmayeur Saturday 15th August 2020 “The danger of adventure is worth a thousand days of ease and comfort”. Today we will leave France and enter Italy via Col de la Seigne.  We started with stunning sunrise views from the incredible Refuge Robert Blanc, 2,750m up the mountainside. The effort of getting…

Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 4

Refuge De La Croix Du Bonhomme – Refuge Robert Blanc Friday 14th August 2020 Last 3 blogs now have video footage added at the end of each if you want to go back and check them out 👌 This hike was supposedly going to be tougher than our previous day’s. We had two options to…

Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 3

Refuge Nant Bottant – Refuge De La Croix Du Bonhomme Thursday 13th August 2020 We had thunderstorms through the night with roaring thunder and flashing lightening, pretty cool.  This morning we were woken up with rain…just what you want when you know you’ve got a tough day ahead of you! Today we were climbing up…

Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 2

Les Houches – Les Contamines Wednesday 12th August 2020 Today we were walking from Saint-Jervais-les-Baines to the traditional village of Les Contamines, approximately 16km. The TMB path contours through the forest high above the Bionnassay valley whilst passing through pretty Alpine hamlets with excellent views of Mont Blanc and across the foothills of the Alps….