• Day 6 – Tuesday 3rd October 2017
  • Acclimatisation Day – Dingboche
  • Altitude Start : 4,410m
  • Acclimatization Climb: 4,800m
  • Elevation Gain : 390m

Today we were up at 4.30am, not the quietest of tea houses but with only plywood walls what do you expect.

When we looked outside our window the sky was blue and we were met with the most magnificent mountain views…now that was something to make you want to jump out of bed for! And that we did!

So today was the remarkable acclimatisation day. The walk was pretty short maybe just over an hour uphill to get to the view point but there was some breathtaking views of the North Face of Ama Dablam and the Lhotse/Nuptse ridge as we explored this beautiful valley that leads up to Island Peak.

Every step was stunning, when we reached the top of the ridge it was glorious, a panoramic view of the mountains.

We waited and watched the sunrise, for me it was quite an emotional experience…how can something this beautiful be created. I found a quiet spot and did not want to leave…but we did.

The rest of the day we had to ourselves, the sun was shining, the ‘coffee shop’ was open, (this must be the highest coffee shop in the world), the views were spectacular. There is no other place in the world I would choose to be right now.

We wandered round the very small village watching the girls digging in the fields, picking up the yak poo, this is a great resource in the Himalayas, they collect fresh poo and form it into yak pancakes, leaving them to dry in the sunshine stuck to the wall and hey presto, you have fuel for the fire. The people are busy, getting water sources, washing clothes, working in the shops.

At night the usual routine takes place, dinner, chat, head to room, rucksacks packed, water supplies sorted then bed.

Tomorrow we leave for Lobuche.

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