Eigg Surprise

  • Friday 24th August 2018
  • Isle of Eigg

Eigg is an island of surprises! It’s a small island, much smaller than neighbouring Rum, but the community appears vibrant.

Island life sure looks like to be one chilled out big party and it appears to drive the locals to drink. Last night in ‘the community hub’ it closed down to ‘tourists’ after 5pm and the locals went on to have a lock in…half the night…these people were getting scrambled, frying their brains. Being on Eigg is an egg-cellent excuse to crack the bad egg puns…sorry!

So today after a long hike we stopped in to have a drink in the community hub to mingle with the locals whilst conributing to their local economy of course and just had to laugh…the cook was behind the counter with a couple of cans in hand, the local bus driver was there clearly having a few, the outdoor adventure dude, local mechanic need I go on where all in there mingling and somewhat merry…how does the daily work get done or does it and does owning the Island mean no rules apply or simply make up your own…if this is what owning the Island means how do I sign up…minus the alcohol though but I like the idea of my own rules and time being my own!

I am being slightly facetious. I do think the guys here must be hardy as it is very isolated and in winter times not so merry and chilled out I assume…so party whilst you can guys!

We didn’t party and decided that today we were going to summit Beinn Bhuidhe which is encircled on most sides by cliffs and crags with the highest point being Sgurr an Fharaidh.

These are the cliffs you see as you head over to Skye or as we came here by boat.

The ridge looks amazing. On looking up at the ridge you can clearly see the ‘Finger of God’ – a prominent skyline pinnacle.

So off we headed. After a very steep ascend with waterproofs on waterproofs off as heavy showers came and went quickly.

We were eventually met with a grand walk along a fine escarpment, with views down over fabulous rock scenery to the beautiful beaches at bays of Laig and the Singing Sands, with the mountains of Rum and Skye making fine backdrop…the sun was out the day was glorious the waterproofs came off for the last time!

The point of the spear was where we were heading. The large pink area in the picture was masses of heather

The walk along the ridge was pretty relaxing and easy going. You could see the houses sporadically placed below.

One of the locals we got chatting to later was saying that 60% of the locals stay on this bit of the Island…what a backdrop.

The descent down was very steep and very slippery so reaching level land felt good.

We wandered for a bit and came across the crofting museum, which was basically an old croft and inside had the most amazing artifacts.

We spent ages looking about, checking out old letting agreements, cost for land documents, doctors bills, photographs, the stuff these guys have gathered was quite amazing. The decour throughout the house also gave you a slight insight into what Island life was like…quite spectacular.

After our busy hike and history briefing we relaxed in the evening with a short walk to the pier, finishing the day of with a campfire and the most amazing moon against the bluest of skies.

Some more pictures that we took throughout the day

Isle of Rum from today’s walk

The Ridge

Stunning views across to Rum and just look at that heather

The main road…but hardly a car in sight

Bonny heather

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Helena Brogan says:

    Really beautiful scenery Mary. Interesting to read about life on the island. Hope your blogs not only followed by your aunties? They’re really good and the photography is amazing. Love Auntie Lena xx


    1. Scenery is stunning once again. I certainly hope my blogs ARE NOT read by the locals or we will be the next one’s to be thrown in Minch 😲😂!! X


  2. Alice Reid says:

    Very interesting insite into Island live Mary. A bit like the wilds of Mayo I should imagine. Love the inside of the croft as I remember those hot water bottles from when I was young. In fact I have two sitting in my hallway as I thought about collecting them at one time. Too bad they wouldn’t allow you into the “lockout”. That would have been interesting😀. Keep them coming!! love /God Bless . Auntie Alcexx


    1. The Island is stunning. You would have loved that crofting museum, they had so many artifacts you could have spent all day looking through/around them…that’s unreal about the hot water bottles. If I’m being honest I didn’t even attempt to get into the lock-in not sure I could have coped with that! X


  3. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    Hi Mary,
    Pleased to see you are back on road, amazing pictures. The museum on Eigg really gives insight into rural family life on the island. It is reassuring that there are people who choose to live on these beautiful islands and are up for the hard work involved, so a drink or two at the end of the day may be well deserved!! I watched a documentary on the islanders on the Fair Isles (55 residents) a few had given up life in the city and were all embracing island life and working as a community. Hope the weather keeps fine so you can continue to escape to the hills over the weekends.

    Theresa x


    1. The Island is really stunning with so much greenery and trees…I love trees….this is so different to Lewis and Harris when we visited, they were pretty Barron. Yip the guys on the Island appear to be doing a great job in running in and it’s pretty amazing how they have set up their own energy system which is all green…they really do deserve to toast their hard work at the end of the day!! I too watched that documentory, fascinating. I’d quite like the Island life but this would maybe be a bit small for me? X


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