Ye canny beat Eigg

  • Sunday 26th August 2018
  • Isle of Eigg

So today is our last day on this vibrant Island. There’s a slight drizzle and the winds are picking up. We have been told that the small ferry to Arisaig has been cancelled but ours to Mallaig is still on at this point.

Maybe this won’t be our last day on Eigg after all.

The peace and simplicity whilst being on this island has been welcoming.

We decided that we would go for a stroll to an old settlement called Grulin which translates as The Stony Place.

We followed a track over undulating moorland on the south side of An Sgurr – overlooked by it’s fantastic cliffs.

Here we saw some ruins of what was once the Grulin township. Once home to 14 families, who were all evicted during the Clearances.

The large boulders around the ruins are erratics (rock or boulders that differ from the surrounding rock) left behind by the retreating glacier at the end of the ice age.

Our ferry was due at 3.30pm so we headed back, it was on, we are leaving Eigg.

I have loved the fact that there is very little cars here, only those of the Islanders as you need a special permit to bring a vehicle over.

I have loved the utter darkness at night, that total pitch black darkness whereby you cannot see a thing.

I have loved the fact that this Island is so green and that there are loads of trees…I love trees.

I have loved the landscapes, from the hills, to the forests to the sea….the views everywhere I have went and I mean everywhere are utterly breathtaking.

I have loved the sense of isolation.

I have loved the utter silence.

I have loved the sound of the wind howling and the crashing of the waves.

I have loved getting back to basics.

I have loved Eigg and anyone who fancies visiting a natural stunning Island that epitomises clean, green living will do too

Today it rained…but Eigg is so beautiful who cares…

…I even love the rain on Eigg.

A few scenic photos below to round of our trip

The one and only Island shop but it actually has everything you need

Isle of Muck from ferry

Isle of Muck from ferry

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Helena Brogan says:

    Sounds like you’ve enjoyed your visit Mary. It’s been raining here all day too but at least you have the advantage of lovely scenery. Alice passed on that article from the Guardian newspaper. Interesting read. I don’t think you’ll be moving there soon though. Look forward to next blog.xx


    1. Yes, our trip was great, I do love the Scottish Islands. We were lucky with the weather also which helped. That article was pretty interesting eh, I would have loved to have learned more whilst visiting about the true Island life, but never mind what we got was good enough. I’m still looking for my Island!!
      Lots of love xxx


  2. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    Hi Mary. Thanks for sharing your experience of Eigg you have sold it to me. I always feel a bit sad when your trip ends. I agree with you the island may be too small for me also I quite like to be anonymous in places. We had rain all day on Sunday also Dom and I were in London for a catch up. Love Theresa xx


    1. Good. It’s definitely worth paying a visit, very nice indeed. Although there was enough green space on the Island I think over time it would close in on me, no matter how beautiful it is. We spent the 4 days doing what we intended to and managed it rasily in that time. Suppose you and Dom will have lots of planning still do for the Nepal trip, you guys will so love it xxx


  3. Alice Reid says:

    Glad you weren’t stranded on Eigg. Really enjoyed your Blogs was just telling my friends inyou Art class all about the history of Eigg and it’s mad landlords. Hope the Island flourishes and everyone pulls their weight. Now you must visit Rhum and tell us all about that!!😀 next year maybe although I believe we are in for an Indian summer so get planning😯
    Love Auntie Alice x


    1. We really did think we were there for another night. The sea was very choppy indeed!! On the way back the ferry took us over to Muck first before Mallaig, looks like a fascinating Island also, and very very small. Glad you enjoyed some of the history of Eigg I always like to do a bit of research before/ during and after paying somewhere a busy and this Island sure has a lot of history! It would have been great to really have gotten speaking to the Islanders to learn about their lifestyles etc but not to be this time! We will definitely be going over to Rum and intend doing that whole ridge walk that you see in the pictures, supposedly it takes around 12/13 hours so we would need good summer weather and lots of daylight, my thinking now is it will probably have to be next year as I’m running out of time! However an Indian summer might change that 😁. Currently planning our next hiking overseas trip for October time.
      Lots of love xxx


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