Wake up South America….

  • Day 2 – Tuesday 9th October 2018
  • Argentina, Buenos Aires
  • Distance travelled:-

By plane – 0

By foot – 12.8kms/7.85miles

By public transport – 45kms/28 miles

Steps taken – 18,475

We have arrived in Argentina, in the city of Buenos Aires.

Argentina is one of the biggest countries in the world and as a consequence, it’s geography is as diverse as you could wish.

The country boasts The Andes’ but it is also home to rich wetlands, rust-hued deserts, deep blue lakes, forests and wildlife. In this vast country I am sure stunning sights and big adventures awaits.

A melting pot of different cultures and landscapes, Argentina is so diverse both geographically and culturally. One trip can encompass the jungle cascades of Iguazo in the north all the way through to the ice fields and peaks of southern Patagonia to the busy streets of Buenos Aires, this most interesting capital city.

The country’s real trump card outside the capital are the sheer size of the land and the diverse wildlife inhabiting it. It is beautiful, defiant and intense. Home to a vast natural wonderland which I can’t wait to explore.

But for now we are in Buenos Aires….which some might say is just as beautiful, defiant and intense.

We spent the day wandering around, trying to get our bearings and get a feel for the city.

It’s such a riveting place just to wander about, people watching, shopping, or simply soaking up the unique atmosphere.

It’s many neighbourhoods are strikingly different – some are decadently old-fashioned, others daringly modern – but all of them ooze character.

We drank coffee, ate lunch, and sampled the wine.

Later in the afternoon we hit the Palermo Soho area, which I liked alot.

It felt vibrant and chilled even although it is full of nightclubs, parks, museums/galleries and artisanal markets.

It felt nice, relaxing and enjoyable checking out the street art which was everywhere.

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  1. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    Hi Mary pleased you have arrived safely in Buenos Aires. Looks as if you have done a fair amount of exploring in the short time you have been there. Had a look at the distance you will be covering on your journey to Patagonia quite a distance. Enjoy rest of the time in Buenos Aires.

    Love Theresa x


  2. Helena Brogan says:

    Looks an interesting city Mary. Been thinking of the things Argentina known for as well as meat! Hope you’ll be humming Don’t cry for me Argentina! And also remembering Commandante Che Guevara! Happy travels!! Look forward to next blog….this is like following a tv series.(ha ha)xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol…we have not had a steak as yet but it’s on the list! Evita we are hoping to visit today 😳 at the cemetery and I’m hoping I can see something re Che. When I visited Cuba way back his image was everywhere and I read up quite a bit about him then, so hoping for more here! Hope this ‘TV series’ doesn’t become a drama 😂xxx


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