The Mountain in Miniature

  • Ben Aán, The Trossachs
  • Saturday 1st December 2018

Today we decided to either get into the Christmas spirit or flee the Christmas madness, or maybe even do a bit of both.

We were heading to the hills. It had been a while and as John Muir once wrote “The mountains are calling and I must go”……although today we weren’t heading to the mountains as such I understand that feeling, and I knew I’d still get a result and more importantly a sense of calm!

Ben Aán, gaelic for ‘the small, pointed peak’ is a small hill in Scotland often referred to as the mountain in miniature.

It is situated in the great Trossachs Forest and has a truly wonderful viewpoint even on misty atmospheric days like today.

This was the perfect short hike to dust of the old cobwebs and get back out on the hills.

Straight away I was glad to be here. The colours of the hills and trees were pretty special, although we’re in winter there is still a hint of autumn.

The path up was pretty straight forward, well made, with stone steps and bridges.

The going was not difficult and after only one hour we had reached the top.

The views were pretty rewarding over Loch Katrine and Loch Achray and it felt great to be back out on the hills of Scotland!

We stayed here for a bit, had lunch then reluctantly headed back down to finish off a pretty quiet, peaceful, scenic, enjoyable day.

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  1. Alice Reid says:

    From Berlin to the mountains of Scotland , How far I’ve travelled in 24hours. Good to get away from all the “musac” and frenzy of Christmas preparations. Quite glad I’m confined to the house at the moment. Good excuse for keeping away from shops. Enjoyed Jane’sblog from Berlin, she certainly packed a lot in. Now I can enjoy your peaceful mountain scenery. Thought for a minute it was Irish mountains. ☘☘. Love/Od Bless. Aunty Alice xx

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    1. Lol…yes saw Jane’s photos…looks nice..i’ve been to Germany but not Berlin… I must be like you then re the Christmas hustle and bustle…much prefer the peace and tranquility although I do enjoy a mulled wine!! 😉


  2. Helena Brogan says:

    Hello Mary. Nice to have a new blog…..Didn’t think it would be long till you were off again!! Lovely scenery…I particularly liked that miniature mountain and the photo of the wee Robin. Quite a contrast to Jane’s experience in Berlin…though she’s visited some really interesting places and we enjoyed all the photos she sent. The Germans really go to town with their Christmas lights and decorations. Give our love to everyone. Xx

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    1. Hi…lol…yip any chance to escape even if only for a few hours! That robin actually decided to sit inside our car as we were getting our gear together…we did feed it! Yip love the history surrounding Berlin…I actually have a piece of the Berlin Wall and a part of the Brandenburg Gate..from a German student….pretty special x


  3. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    I am just back from a walking day didn’t see any mountains but plenty of trees and water I always love the feeling you have after a good hike or walk.
    The views look great with the mountains and the mist hanging low. Looking forward to seeing everyone over Christmas and may get a walk in with Mike and Tony when I am up.
    Love Theresa x


    1. So your straight back into the Sunday walks then…that’s what I like to hear 😁…yip I always feel refreshed after a good walk and I especially like to do this at least one day out of the weekend…feel like I’ve accomplished something positive that way 🌄…yes even although the views were not full on it was so lovely….I think we know now just to take what we get and be thankful! Christmas…yikes can you believe it…you’ll be a bit like us im sure and thinking… “Just came back from our summer holidays and Christmas already🙈??”…yes heard your coming Christmas time, looking forward to catching up!


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