Ben Vorlich

  • Monday 1st April 2019
  • Ben Vorlich

Ben Vorich was our chosen Munro of the day. It is pretty easy to access, situated just above Loch Earn in Perthshire which has beautiful surroundings.

The name “Ben Vorlich” can be translated into “Hill of the Bay”. This Munro can sometimes be slightly overshadowed by some more famous (and more popular) neighbours such as Ben Lawers, The Cobbler or even Ben Lomond , but that means it is usually a crowd-free experience. An enjoyable day out for Munro baggers and hill walkers alike, with great views over Loch Lomand.

So we parked the car in a small layby just beside Ardvorlich Estate.

Todays weather predicted that we had ‘goodish’ weather but rain could be looming.

Just after crossing a small stone bridge we spotted a gravestone next to the road.

This was where the bodies of seven MacDonalds of Glencoe were interred. These victims were killed by the people of Ardvorlich in retaliation for an earlier bloody raid by the MacDonald clan. A reminder that life was not always peaceful on the shores of Loch Earn!

The path takes you into Ardvorlich Estate but avoids the main route to the house, skirting around it.

It is a well-made track gradually ascending through parkland to the tree line. From here it takes a steep ascent up a broad ridge…and I mean steep…for what felt like a good while.

At the summit it can offer fantastic views on the surrounding area.

So all the way up we had amazing clear views of the summit…clear, no cloud kind of views.

Then low and behold we were like 10/15 minutes away when conditions took a turn for the worst and we were hit with a barmy mist and a furious blizzard.

Even in Spring/Summer conditions it just goes to show that walkers must be prepared for artic conditions in Scotland above 700 metres. Our Spring day had just got a whole lot wintry.

We trudged on through cold conditions until we hit the summit stayed there for a whole 3 seconds and left.

We had been going to be slightly more adventurous and head from this summit across the fairly rugged Bealach an Dubh Chorein for the additional attraction of Stuc a Chroin (another Munro) but due to this biting wind, raging white out mist and snow, we sensibly headed back down the way we had come, without giving it a second thought.

As per usual, on reaching further down the hill, the cloud lifted and/or we descended below cloud line and we were given views across the lovely deep blue of the loch below and was that the summit I could clearly see again!!!

Even although views at the top were once again hindered by poor visibility it had been an excellent, energetic and challenging walk…the Spring colours were superb and we did have some just some stunning views!

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  1. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    Another historic find on your journey just had a look Ardvorlich Estate it is still run as a working sheep farm been in the Stewart family since the 16th century. I can’t recall being taught much about Scottish history at school. I believe it has changed now talking to Simone Glad you made it to the summit guess the weather can change so quickly at that height. A few weeks back we started walking in the rain then the wind dried us off then we had hailstones then by lunchtime on the beach the sun came out then getting towards the end of the walk really large hailstones fell all in a matter of hours very crazy. Loving all the interesting information.
    Love Theresa

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know…it’s lovely just to stumble across things when you least expect it….supposedly were the ‘new’ house is built a stone case stood and some of it wasn’t demolished and they built the new house around/with the stone from the castle….it’s a very beautiful house in very idyllic surroundings! It’s funny because at school I did history and got through it but now I actually enjoy it…I wouldn’t have said that at school! I did enjoy art history though but I loved art, easier to learn when you enjoy what your learning about! The weather is crazy once you hit the mountain areas and you’ve just got to be prepared for the worst I guess. Your weather sounds like ours….today we had such a hailstone shower….it was hammering it down with thunder, then tonight turned out lovely! X


  2. Helena Brogan says:

    Two climbs in the space of 2 days! I guess your building up to your
    Russian adventure. Dramatic scenery though. I wonder what type of weather will face you there? Today’s a sunny day here. We drove down and up Carters hill and Burnt Dick hill(known locally as Bundick hill?) on way for our morning swim…….not quite as energetic as you but at least we’re not complete couch potatoes!! Xx

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    1. Trying to build up the stamina!! Could be any type of weather on the mountain, and we know for sure there will be snow as snow sits on it all year round at a certain level….they say it gets hammered by wind so being Scottish has its advantages I guess :-)…hey nothing like a good old swim to keep up the energy…I enjoy a bit of that myself, nice and relaxing…glad to hear your getting your hills in 😉 even if it is by car 😉 x


  3. Alice Reid says:

    Beautiful scenery, you’re both getting in plenty practice for your Russian trip
    Those blogs should be very interesting unless the Russians decide to block your Internet access. 😣. Love Aunty Alice xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Scottish scenery is pretty special and even better when you get the weather which we are unfortunately are not quite getting when hitting the Munro’s at the minute. But yes we are continuing to just keep going for it not letting the weather get in our way as we need to get in as many hills now in preparation for Russia…its not far off really! I hope my Russian blogs are not blocked 😉 or intercepted when out there or I could be in big trouble lol…take care x


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