Getting to Mount Elbrus

Friday 28th June 2019

'Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire', Jennifer Lee

We have chosen the first two weeks of July as the main climbing season is June-September. 

With Elbrus having a permanent snow line at around 3350, and temperatures rarely rising above freezing at night we felt July may offer the best conditions.  (Read: Best conditions, what best conditions, there are none!!) 

Due to its height, Mount Elbrus has dynamic weather, making it hard to predict weather conditions.  We have been told to prepare for very cold temperatures and high winds above 4000 meters – living in Scotland has its benefits after all!

Afternoon clouds and thunderstorms are common during summer seasons also but lets hope these don’t occur and hold us back!

During summit attempt we will start off in the middle of the night well before sunrise and I have read that temperatures can get as low as -20, so July sounds like a plan. 

To get to Mount Elbrus we need to fly to Moscow. 

We had to apply to get a visa to enter Russia which was quite a lengthy process, to put it mildly. 

Our trusted Russian ‘friend’ Yury helped with this process giving us our ‘letter of invitation’ and basically a very detailed itinerary of where we are staying, what we would be doing etc etc…our every move known whilst in Russia.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office also advises against all but essential travel to the area we are going to which sits on the border with Georgia so getting insurance was limited, however we are members of the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) so we got insurance this way.

From Moscow we then have to catch an internal flight to Mineralnyne Vody Airport. 

The seven of us agreed to co-ordinate our time in Russia as a group so from there on in we will be a pack. 

We have all arranged the same flight out of Moscow and booked in at the same hotel in Mineralnyne Vody. 

Here we will stay for one night and Yury has arranged for us to be picked up at our hotel the very next day and then its straight to Elbrus…well after a stop off at a town called Pyatigorsk actually to pick up any hiking gear we may need to hire.

I am now on that plane to Moscow…there is no turning back!



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  1. Alice Reid says:

    Just sent a Bonne Voyage message to your Whatsapp screen so will repete it here. . Hope all goes well and the weather is kind to you. Next you’ll be telling us you’re going to climbe the rest of the European peaks. 😰😰😰 xxxAunty Alice

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the good luck messages…I may wait for this experience to be over first before commenting or thinking about the rest of the European peaks lol 😂 x


  2. Helena Brogan says:

    Hope you arrived ok in Moscow. Enjoy your few days there. Remember to have your photo taken in Red Square😁xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey…that’s us arrived safe and sound at hotel! I will for sure get that photo in Red Square and I may even try and copy your pose 😉😂


  3. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    So pleased you have arrived in Moscow. how long was the flight . It must have been good to catch up with the rest of the group on your arrival at the hotel. I will be thinking about you both on your journey. Take care Love Theresa.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Auntie Theresa…so we caught a 8am flight from Edinburgh to Heathrow then an 11am flight to Moscow…flight was meant to be 3hrs 55mins but was under.
      So we haven’t yet met anyone yet…myself and Andy flew in last night…everyone else coming today/tonight at some point!
      We leave here tomorrow, flight at 1pm to head to Mineralyne Vody….lots of love x


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