Halong Bay Day 2

Tuesday 1st October 2019

Ha Long Bay

We woke up early to watch the sunrise. And what a beautiful sight she was. Isn’t the natural world just the most amazing thing. It surprises me every single time. This place is just so beautiful.

We ate some breakfast on board while the boat started cruising to the Natural Preservation Zone.

From here we accessed some kayaks to explore the area.

Its just an amazing place to be in and something I am grateful to have done.

We then saw a floating Pearl Farm Village and learned the technique for making high quality pearls – maybe it is time for a new direction in career after all!

We visited a floating house and learned about the daily life of the local fishermen who live there.

Then we boarded the cruise again, refreshed, relaxed whilst exploring and taking in more of this stunning landscape. I love the landscape.

We passed by Ba Hang fishing village, Dog Islet and so much more…..

We then – be prepared to be shocked – took a cooking class!! We were taught how to make spring rolls, before having lunch and for the record mines tasted exceptional!

We cruised some more before it was time to check out and disembark at the harbour of Tuan Chau Marina.

I could have been doing with being longer on board the cruise as it had been so peaceful and beautiful but reluctantly we had to leave. We have so much else planned to see and do.

We head back to Hanoi dreaming of Ha Long Bay.

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  1. Helena Brogan says:

    Hi again Mary what stunning scenery. Your cruise looks amazing and what a luxurious cabin..what a contrast to your Russian mountain “cabins” . You must be turning into a couple of softies😂. How are your tums coping with the different foods? I suppose by this time they’re used to diverse diets!
    Anyway continue to enjoy “Chuyen di Hanh phuc”…….you see..you’ve got me learning Vietnamese.😂😂 look forward to next stage of your travels. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HELLO 🤚…so yes what do you think about us travelling ‘up market’ 😂🙈 I feel like I’ve let the side down!! On this occasion it was the only way to visit Ha Long Bay or actually I could have went really really posh and been helicoptered in?!?! But yes cabins slightly better than my cabin in Russia or some other accomodation we have stayed in believe you me! On this trip we are varying it up as we like to do and we are even staying in ‘homestays’ for the experience, to meet locals, different cultures, etc etc. My tummy is dodgy at the best of times so it is what it is just have to go with the flow excuse my choice of words, Andy’s is made of steel, anything goes!! Wow look at you with the Vietnamese…I can just look you up instead of Google translate now – I’m impressed!! 😁🤩👐⭐⭐⭐


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