Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 7

Courmayeur – Chalet Val Ferret

Monday 17th August 2020

I am so glad I had my camera battery fully charged once more for todays scenery! 

We started hiking from Courmayeur centre, heading yip, you guessed it, straight up a massive climb.

Once we reach the top of our first hill of the day already the views are amazing.

As we walk on slightly we even get views down to the Mont Blanc tunnel.

Mont Blanc tunnel

This is one pretty stage of the tour, the flank of Mont de la Saxe and the glaciers of Planpincieux and Frebouze are on display throughout most of the day.

Running beneath you is the Val Ferret.

We pass by the Planpincieux Glacier (one of the 70 glaciers of the Mont Blanc range) which has been in the news recently as there is fear it could collapse.

The Planpincieux Glacier is located on the southern side of the Mont Blanc range, in Italy, on the south face of the Grandes Jorasse.

It’s so impressive the amount of glaciers we are seeing as we walk…I love glaciers!

Since starting the TMB our adventurous path has went between mountain pastures, glaciers and peaks and we have crossed so many high mountain passes, lush valleys and highways the list is endless.

The trek is outstanding with amazing views day after day.  It takes your breath away in more ways than one.

It’s just mile after mile of unspoilt landscapes and jaw dropping views after jaw dropping views.

Today we followed the main route to Refugio Bonatti, we constantly had views of Mont Blanc Massif to our left…and you can never tire of it!

The path contours the hillside all the way along the valley passing a couple of shepard’s huts and refuges, we pretty much had the path to ourselves as it was very quiet.

Eventually we could see our nights accommodation below us in the distance, after another short steep decent we reached the isolated Chalet Val Ferret at the very end of the valley where a well earned coffee was ordered before we relaxed for the night.

Chalet Val Ferret
Day 6 video footage

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