Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd August 2020


Today saw us relaxing in town, drinking coffee, eating ice cream and meandering through the shops.

Our hotel in Chamonix
View from our hotel just this morning over looking Mont Blanc – what a wake up view 🏔️♥️

I like the vibe around Chamonix…whilst I sit drinking coffee I love to people watch and wonder where some of the people have been as they pass by in their hiking boots…have they had an adventure like ours.

Inside our quirky hotel
A bit of luxury after roughing it
See we can do posh if we choose to 🤣


“The purpose of life after all is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and wider experiences”.

Guess what I’m doing today?

Today we were up early as I had a demon to conquer. Last time I visited Chamonix with the family in 2014 I had really wanted to paraglide but couldn’t bring myself to do it, which I have regretted to this day.

Now that I was back again in that actual spot I wanted to erase that regret and overcome my fear and what better way to finish an epic trip than experience Mont Blanc by…… paragliding!

Trying to act casual

I also wanted to prove to my boys, aswell as to myself that I could do it….so boys this one is for you ♥️!

So up the mountain I went this time by cable car to meet my co-pilot. Mind over matter I keep telling myself and to my utter disbelief I am actually very calm for someone just about to run off a mountain top.

Flying high

We chat, we laugh, he sets me up with the equipment I need, runs through what I need to do and before I know it, or have time to think about what I’m about to do, he’s telling me 3,2,1 run….and I run as fast as I can, not very fast actually considering I’m attached to him and a paraglide which pulls us back but I try.

Checking my kit
Getting ready to run!
Coming through the clouds
Flying high above Chamonix surrounded by Mont Blanc Massif ♥️

And my god what a feeling it was as I felt my feet leave that mountain! As we started to glide he told me the reason for his quickness was the cloud that was coming towards us. I think he referred to it as a cumulus cloud which are paragliders favourite clouds, they help you go higher. He wanted to hit it to take us higher but also get over/through it before it hit land otherwise we would have missed our opportunity and would have had to wait until the cloud coverage was gone.

Can you see me!

Once through, up and over this cloud it was magical. What better way to finish off my TMB. And what better place to have my first ever paraglide!

An almost perfect landing
Paragliding Epic – boys this is my proof!

We then went up by cable car to visit the Bossons Glacier closer up, this had been in our sight as we travelled the TMB.

The glacier takes shape from the north side of the summit of Mont Blanc to a height of 4800 meters and descends to the hamlet village of Les Bossons just on the outskirts of Chamonix at an altitude of 1500 meters from which it takes its name.

The Bossons Glacier is one of the larger glaciers of the Mont Blanc massif , it’s magical, impressive and beautiful.

Lastly we paid one final visit to Mont Blanc and headed upwards once again by cable car to as near the summit as we could get.

She is one beauty and Mother Nature is showing off to us once again.

Maybe one day we will stand on your summit!

Goodbye Mont Blanc…for now!

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  1. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    Hi Mary

    Thank for sharing your fantastic journey and what a journey, with an amazing ending paragliding above Chamonix surrounded by Mont Blanc Massif. A great achievement to do something that you couldn’t bring yourself to do on you last visit in 2014.

    Theresa xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there…no problem at all, thank you for following us on our adventures and taking an interest…it’s appreciated. Yes the paraglide was pretty special 🪂 and a great way to finish off my trip…and overcome that fear…now I need to do that parachute jump 😯🙈!!! X


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