That Was the Week that Was!

Sat 26th SeptSat 3rd Oct 2020

Isle of Skye

Our week in Skye has been amazing, and our almost isolated Crofting Cottage just absolutely perfect to come back to after a hard day in the hills or a cold evening wandering.

Outwith our mountain bagging days that we undertook we thought we’d put together some highlights of our trip to showcase some of Skye’s other amazing assets…it’s a very beautiful part of Scotland.

Kilt Rock

We headed out to the Trotternish Peninsula to check out Kilt Rock.  This magnificent 60 metre high sea cliff strikingly resembles a pleated kilt, thus the name!  Creag An Fhèilid, it’s Gaelic name translates to ‘the rock with the kilt-like appearance.

Kilt Rock

The rock is made of basalt columns resting on a standstone base and it’s pretty colourful…one might even go as far as to say it almost resembles tartan…or maybe not!

Kilt Rock

Mealt Falls

Mealt waterfall sits right next to Kilt Rock and plummets from the top of the cliffs to the rock-laden coast below. 

Mealt Waterfall
Mealt Falls & Kilt Rock

It’s beautiful to watch.  There are some breathtaking views from the north-east coast of Skye.

Views from the North-East Coast

Brothers Point

Brothers Point, also known as Rubha nam Brathairean was a brilliant find for us. 

Brothers Point

This is actually a bit of a hidden treasure on the Isle of Skye and is somewhere we had overlooked ourselves on previous visits.

After parking the car we walked out to the peninsula of Rubha nam Brathairean and we were pleasantly surprised to have the place to ourselves. 

This place was gorgeous, a hidden gem, which I don’t think very few people know about.   They have no idea what they are missing… p.s. don’t tell them!

The walk along the coastline was beautiful, we followed a pebbled beach, then hiked up to a dramatic cliff edge, followed the narrow, steep slope up to the highest point which took us out to the peninsula and the views were stunning. 

It was so peaceful just listening to the waves crashing against the rock.

Dinosaur footprints have been found on this beach 🦕

Fairy Glen

It had to be done again…..

On the West side of Trotternish at Balnacnoc (which means – the village or township in the hills) above Uig, is the Fairy Glen – a Quirang-like landslip in miniature.

Fairy Glen

The road winds around small round-topped grassy hills with lochans which gives the glen an otherworldly feel. 

Cone shaped hills

Skye has a long history involving fairy’s, Fairy Glen has no real legend, just that the location is unusual so it has been given the nickname Fairy Glen.

However some have said fairies created the dramatic landscape and still dwell within its many crevices. It’s no wonder; the landscape looks just like the kind of place you’d expect to find mythical creatures.

Castle Ewan in background

I love this quirky natural place and had to return. I love the thought of darkness settling in and the fairies coming out to dance in this magical glen…I’m a believer!

Fairy Glen – believe in the fairies!

It’s a bizarre but delightful miniature landscape, all in one small area of grassy, cone-shaped hills and it is fascinating to visit – this is our second time here and we wanted to get some drone footage of this enchanting attraction. 

Is that a fairy I see, oops it’s just me

One of the hills still has its basalt peak intact which, from a distance, looks like a ruin and has been called Castle Ewan. It is possible to climb to the top which provides you with wonderful views of the Glen.

Castle Ewan

This is a special spot and I can feel its magic!


Portree, is worth a wander around. There is also the Scorrybreac coastal walk which we did. It’s a pretty special little place with a lovely harbour area.

Colourful Portree
Rainbows & Harbours

Neist Point

Neist Point Lighthouse can be found on the most westerly tip of Skye near the township of Glendale.

It’s a pretty iconic destination, with stunning cliff scenery.

We stood on the high cliffs opposite the lighthouse which gave us perfect views…we even managed to see over to the Outer Hebrides!

Talisker Beach

We took a short easy walk to Talisker Beach an enchanting sandy and pebbled bay surrounded by impressive cliffs, making it an interesting landscape.

It is in a spectacular setting at the foot of Glen Oraid, sandwiched between impressive high cliffs.

There’s also a huge sea stack and waterfalls to add to the scene…and due to the wind here today this waterfall went upwards towards the sky – now that was pretty amazing to watch!

More Photos From Our Travels

Dunvegan Castle
Views down to Uig
The Old Man of Storr on the hill
Views across Syke look at those colours
Traffic jam on Skye
And another one!

Old Man of Storr

Before leaving Skye we just had to pay The Old Man another visit.

Although this has become a very touristy spot it’s still one if my favourite places here…I love the landscape.  It was here that I originally fell in love with Skye.

There are a bunch of different legends about this pillar of stone. One suggests it’s the thumb of a giant buried beneath the Storr.

My favorite, though, is that of a little old man who used to walk up to the Storr frequently with his wife to look out at the ocean.

And here would be their views ❤️

After his wife died, the old man walked up to the Storr one last time and found himself wishing he could stay there forever because it was the only place he could remember his wife and be happy. 

The mischievous fairy king heard the old man’s wish and granted it, turning him to stone.

Wishing I could stay here forever my time on Skye has come to an end…but I will return. 

My demons will have me return.  And as I sit contemplating the wild and wonderful rugged Cuillin the quote below I feel sums up my time spent in these tempermental mountains and what’s still to come.

“I will come again and conquer you because as a mountain you can’t grow…

But as a human, I can.”

Sir Edmund Hillary. 

The First Man To Summit Mount Everest (alongside his amazing Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay)

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  1. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    What an amazing week you have both had, thanks for sharing your journey around Skye, Makes me think how many people visit Skye and miss out on so much, myself included. I have good memories of visiting Skye with your Mum.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We never stopped and never quite got to do other things we had planned….ran out of time believe it or not! We tried on this visit to go to places we had not been to before and we got lucky with our finds…especially Brothers Point which took up a good bit of a day….we couldn’t believe we had never been here before either…and I bet there is soooo much more that we have not yet found on Skye! My mum enjoyed her visit to Skye with you also….I think its the perfect place for everyone.


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