Beinn Fhada

Due to having more day light hours we decided that whilst we were up in Glen Shiel we would undertake some of the Munros that were considered long days on the hills.

So today we decided on Beinn Fhada and this one turned out to be one long hill – guess the clue was in the title as the name translates Mountain Long!  Not kidding…just when we thought we were at the top, there was another and another and on it went!

However the scenery was spectacular, apart from the summit, so one should not complain…but I kind off did on this occasion!

We started of our walk through very stunning farmland which took us gradually up and onto a beautiful heather valley full of trees. 

We followed a path which followed the river to the left of us for some time.  As we gradually went up and up we eventually had to cross this fast flowing river, The Allt a Choire Chaoil over boulders and simply then just kept climbing up by several zigzag type paths. 

The further up we went the more rugged and wild in character the views got. 

Just when I thought  we were near the summit there was more and you soon realised it was going to be like this for a whole lot more.  The scenery here was pretty impressive and we got great views of the jagged Sgurr a Choire Ghairdh a famous ridge. 

We soon hit some broadened ground on the plateau which was covered in snow. 

The snow on the ground here was soft, slippery and very wet and then to make matters worse it took us over some very serious bog land which we could not see as it was covered in snow until eventually we were up to our ankles in it…with wet feet….we had left our ‘proper’ winter boots back home….it is May after all…so I kept the shorts on pretending it was summer!!!!!

Near the top a heavy shower started with high winds, perfect just what we needed, so we quickly touched the summit and turned straight back down. 

Once we had descended slightly it soon began to heat up again and we could enjoy once again the views. 

This was one massive mountain and even although we did not get the summit view it was still a very beautiful mountain.

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