Ardnamurchan Peninsula –  Day 1

  • Friday 4th March 2022
  • Ardnamurchan Peninsula

“A grand adventure is about to begin” Winnie the Pooh.

Having a week off work we were away to explore some more of our very beautiful Scotland. 

We had planned to start off in Nether Lochaber to catch the Corran ferry across the water to Ardgour, lasting about 5 minutes but cutting out a car drive of around 2 hours at best…last minute we chose to drive as this part of the world is meant to be spectacular and we didnt want to miss a thing.

The Corran ferry is operated by Highland Council and is one of the few remaining scheduled mainland vehicle ferries in Scotland.  Its simply a hop on hop off no need to book style ferry, you just turn up and pay once onboard.  I was keen to go onboard, but it wouldn’t be today!

So we were heading up passing through Fort William and all the way up to Glenfinnan, then taking the Road to the Isles.

Definitely worth taking this road!

Ardnamurchan Peninsula is probably the most remote of the West Highland Peninsulas.  As soon as we got off the main route I knew this place was going to be special.

Isle of Rum in the distance.

Our first visit was to Castle Tioram which sits near Dorlin in Moidart. 

We had to take a very narrow, winding road  to get to it but it was worth every effort.

Castle Tioram is located on the small tidal island of Eilean Tioram where the waters of River Shiel and Loch Moidart merge. This romantic ruined castle was built in the 13th century and served as an impenetrable stronghold and home to the Clan Ranald.  Sitting on its own small rock island, it has a very good strategic position monitoring routes between Loch Sheil and Loch Sunart.

Castle Tioram

Access to it is only possible at low tide when the tidal waters recede to reveal the sand bar-causeway and a beautiful sandy beach.  Tonight was high tide.

Although we could not cross over tonight we had the most amazing evening with a spectacular sunset, probably one of the best i’ve seen, which meant this had to be one of the prettiest locations for a historic castle in Scotland (in my opinion).

We stayed watching the sun go down as it was so beautiful and decided that it was so tranquil here we would stay for the night, it was perfect.

Tonight we were going to be sleeping soundly in complete darkness under a clear sky full of twinkling stars in utter silence…well apart from the owls twit twooing, but that’s a sound I welcome.

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