Troyes, France 2022

  • Scotland to Calais
  • Calias to Troyes
  • August 2022

And so our road trip begins. We left Scotland on Saturday 6th August to begin our 3 week(ish) road trip in ‘ the van’. This will be our longest time spent travelling in a ‘oner’ so fingers crossed all will go to plan.

Our main plan was to head to the South of France, drive over to Switzerland and possibly take in Luxembourg.

We were catching the Eurotunnel to France, which would be our first experience on this. We booked our ticket for the 12.20am train as we felt this might be a quieter time. On getting nearer the tunnel we soon realised how lucky we were as the road was quiet, there were no queues, and it was pretty much a straight drive through kind of process.

The train took around 35 minutes in total from Folkestone to Calais. It was straightforward, quick, and slightly strange I guess, sitting in a van which was sitting inside a train. On arriving in France, we found a 24 hour park up spot in Calais as it had been a long day, lights out was at around 3am, but do you think I could sleep!

Next day from Calais we headed to Troyes which took us around 4 hours. We were particularly interested in Troyes’ medieval old town, with half timbered houses dating from the 16th century, lining the narrow cobbled streets, all very beautiful, I love old towns.

The central square was vibrant and busy with streets full of tables and people enjoying the food and drink in this fine weather. We simply wandered and wandered.

Ruelle des Chats aka ‘Cat Alley –
A real cat in cat alley!

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