Namche Bazaar…

  • Saturday 30th September 2017
  • Namche Bazaar, Acclimatization Day
  • Altitude Start : 3,440m (9,350ft)
  • Acclimatisation Climb : 3,880m (11,640ft)
  • Elevation Gain : 483m (1,449ft)

Woke at 6am…ping wide awake that was it…long lie no longer! Sleep was ok but woke at various points throughout the night…you have to understand that the tea houses are very basic and really just built with plywood throughout, so every little noise can be heard…even with ear plugs in.

Pretty good going anyway as with only one toilet and sink in the place to service everyone (and this is high standard btw) it’s a case of first come first served!

So wash, dress, pack, breakfast…starting to get into the swing of it.

So our ‘rest day’ involved a 3 hour hike (steep climb) to gain altitude and get the heart started…and within 5 minutes of walking out our tea house the heart was pumping…we went up and up.

We were climbing to Everest Veiw Point which has amazing views obviously of Everest and various other mountains including the amazing Ama Dablam…we hiked and hiked got to the top and guess what….no view as clouds were low…this was starting to feel like our many days out on the hills in the Highlands!!

Nevertheless on the way back down we got amazing views of Namche Bazaar from above…the colours and positioning of the buildings spectacular!

Then we had the afternoon off to explore the wonderful shops and vendors and indulge in the delights of the local bakeries….I had to ok…it’s the highest bakery in the world…my excuse anyway and I’m sticking to it! Check out the picture can you believe they do this up here…and the coffee was ace!!!

Tomorrow we are off to Tengboche….5.45 alarm!

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  1. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    Hi Guys This is it, the start of your base camp Everest adventure slowly getting used to the altitude. I read about the tea house overnight stay in a travel brochure!! This is what your blogs have done made me want to travel to Nepal perhaps not the base camp Everest, that would be a step too far.
    Love Theresa x


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