A Day on the Ochil Hills

  • The Ochil Hills
  • Sunday 4th February 2018

The Ochil Hills is a range of hills in Scotland north of the Forth valley bordered by the towns of Stirling, Alloa, Kinross, Auchterarder and Perth.


They’re the hills that give the backdrop to those great national landmarks, the Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle.


These are the hills as kids we would frequent many a weekend with Mum and Dad, roaming free….


….hills I continue to frequent as an adult.


We don’t stop hiking because we grow old -we grow old because we stop hiking”, (Finis Mitchell).


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  1. Alice Reid says:

    Just wait till your knees and hips start playing up,Mary!! With me it’s a case of “the spirit is willing but the flesh is week”. I”ll do my trecking via you and my grandchildren.


    1. Hi Auntie Alice…lol…if I can get anywhere near to the places you and Uncle Charlie have seen I will be a happy girl!


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