The Land of Fire and Ice…

  • Iceland – Reykjavik
  • Day 1 – Tuesday 13th March 2018

“We travel not to escape life…but for life not to escape us”! Just landed in Iceland….and from what I have just witnessed from the air….wow I’m excited to be here.

Only photo I could get from the air as I didn’t have a window seat

So why Iceland? It’s been right up there on my bucket list for a good few years now so to be here is pretty special.

What makes Iceland a great travel destination, apart from the culture and people that live in the Country you may ask….of course it’s their spectacular nature!

Did that really just pass me on the street?

A sparsely populated North Atlantic Island, Iceland is famous for its hot springs, geysers and active volcanoes. Lava fields and glaciers cover much of the land and hot water is pumped from under the ground to supply much of the Countrys heating.

Once landed, we pick up our rental car, drive to our apartment past some nice scenery, although it is getting dark by now and then head out to the streets of Reykjavik to find our bearings. Reykjavik is where we will be basing ourselves for the next couple of days.

Some of the buildings in the city

Although situated almost on the Arctic Circle, Reykjavik has a surprisingly warmish temperature or so they say (still really freezing) which I’ve heard is warmed by the Gulf Stream.


Reykjavik is on the coast of Iceland located in the South West and it’s the Country’s capital and largest city. It’s also the world’s northernmost capital.

It ranks amongst the world’s coolest destinations – not at all a reference to the weather (no pun intended).

Hallgrimskirkja – Reykjavik’s Landmark Church


So after a quick whistle stop tour around colourfully painted wooden houses that looks a little like toy town, we head back to our apartment and look forward to tomorrow.

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