Waterfalls, Wilderness & Rainbows

  • South Coast – Iceland
  • Day 4 – Friday 16th March 2018

So another busy day to be had, it seems that everyday there is an adventure waiting to happen in Iceland.

Iceland still has the ‘undiscovered’ atmosphere. It is uniquely special for each person which is partly due to the fact that there’s so much open space, which gives you the illusion that you are experiencing the island alone.

As we head along the road the landscape is full of waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, and wide open fields – it certainly prompts creativity – it’s hard not to be inspired.

Eyjafjallajokullor “Island Mountain Glacier’, emerges before us. This was one of Iceland’s most famous attractions in March 2010 when the volcano underneath the ice cap reawakened after a 200 year slumber.

The majestic Seljalandsfoss waterfall falls from the glacier of the Eyjafjallajokull and at 65 metres high is breathtakingly beautiful.

As we drive along the road waterfalls are in abundance from the tops of the mountains.

Next we catch sight of Skogafoss located at the foot of the impressive Eyjafjoll mountain range. This is a magnificent 60 metre high waterfall where, according to legend, the first Viking settler in the area hid a treasure in the cave behind the cascade.

We manage to hike up to the top of the waterfall to witness her beauty and power from above.

We then head towards a majestic ice cap Myrdasjokul, which is the fourth largest glacier in Iceland and I’ve read one of the most dramatic.

It lies partially atop Katla – an active volcano that erupts every 40-80 years, melting the glacial cap and causing catastrophic floods across lowlands.

Standing next to ice that’s thousands of years old whilst enjoying amazing views over the nearby countryside and snowy hills all around left me speechless.

Witnessing this glacier and the vastness of the glacier-carved landscape and how far it has retreated in the past 7 years made me realise just how powerful and fragile the glacial ecosystem is.

The colours, ruggedness and beauty froze me to the spot and I had to be pulled away.

So tonight and tomorrow we stay in a converted cow shed at the bottom of the Eyjafjoll mountain range…

The insides pretty high class for a cow shed eh….some classy cows in Iceland!

…let’s hope there is no eruption in the foreseeable future.

Then on to tonights evening entertainment. So how does that saying go about learning from your mistakes? You would think we would….but!

So we read about this geothermal ‘swimming pool’, the oldest one in Iceland….situated, yes you guessed in the mountains.

So of course we had to try it out. So on with our hiking boots and up the mountain we went in search of the hidden treasure!

So where’s the pool one might wonder?

As we walked we thought no way is there a pool up here…and then it appeared…there in front of our eyes was the pool! Where else in the world could you/would you do this??

The temperature outside was cold as we had once again left it until evening to hike. But being the brave Scot’s/Irish that we are we quickly undressed and this time we were prepared with bathing suits already on…gets easier every time.

Then we faced the water. It was warmer than the geothermal river from last night…that’s all I’m saying!!!

After a swim about to keep the blood flowing it was time to think about getting out.

I must say it was a stunning spot right there in the middle of the mountains surrounded by beauty at its best…we could not have picked a better spot even if we had paid for it.

Then it was time to get out and face the elements and that we did!!!

So after an eventful day we decided to continue it by searching for those Northern Lights. We did this all night long and got nothing….

….then at around midnight we got something but that will keep until tomorrow as it’s been a busy day!

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  1. Helena Brogan says:

    Wow Mary your Icelandic adventure gets more fascinating each day. More wonderful photographs and descriptions. You’re definitely in the wrong jobs. Enjoy your last few days. You’ll be glad to get back to sunny Kelty!! Love Auntie Lena

    Ps. suppose your having a St Patrick’s day celebration today as well as Ireland winning the Six Nations!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really does get better everyday Auntie Lena…today’s been another adventure for sure! I think I could change jobs for sure..a job in travel and discovering nature!

      Not yet celebrated St Patrick’s Day as yet as were still out and about but when we get back to the cow shed we will raise a glass – good excuse anyway….and you never know…those Northern Lights may show!


  2. Alice Reid says:

    What”s the Icelandic wine like? Did you see the volcano that gave your Mum and me those extra days in Rome? Looks amazing. Perhaps I’ll have one last mini adventure!!!!
    Auntie Alice xx


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