Legends, Lagoons & Landscapes

  • South Coast – Iceland
  • Day 6 – Sunday 18th March 2018

Never upset the Elf’s. They are everywhere hiding behind rocks, under waterfalls and even in the glaciers and volcanoes.

Can you see them peaking over the top with their little hats on?

Legend has it that many of the startling rock formations you see around the country are trolls caught out in the open by the rising sun – once hit by its rays they are instantly turned into stone.

Icelanders have kept true to their Viking heritage, traditions, history and folklore and it’s easy to see why.

Who stays in a house like that?

The Icelandic Countryside is dotted with habitats of elf’s and trolls. There is something magical about the Island.

Can you see the face?

To keep with the theme of the trolls we visited Raynisfjara Black Sand Beach.

Legend says that the stacks originated when two trolls dragged a three-masted ship to land unsuccessfully and when daylight broke they became needles of rock.

Whether you believe the legend or not the area was once again beautiful.

Islandic horses

Complete isolation, the utter silence and the unworldly landscapes. You don’t have to travel far – nature is everywhere.

In the afternoon before heading home we went via the Blue Lagoon… probably shattering all our isolated tranquility as it will be a tourist haven!

Our experience actually turned out to be pretty surreal as we bathed in the piping hot waters, whilst temperatures outside were sub-zero, pampering ourselves before heading home.

Now I can actually say this has by far been the hottest one we have been in! We did pay for it though and if I’m being totally honest…give me that mountain pool anytime, in the wild, with utter isolation!

Actually have I mentioned yet about showering in Iceland before entering their pools? No?! Let me share this experience with you!

So basically every community in Iceland has its own public outdoor swimming pool. Mix in the naturally heated water within settings and it’s easy to see why they do it.

Public pool is in front of the back building, they go from bathing in this, straight into the sea in front, and then back again!!

A visit to Iceland isn’t complete without a dip in one of the open air thermal pools, thus the reason we have been in so many!

Warm (or so they say for some) due to geothermal heat, and clean due to the strict bathing rules EVERYONE must follow before entering – so that means, let me explain, showering NAKED with others before entering the pool – yes, I said naked – no bathing suite….completely naked with everyone around – you have been warned!

No photos to show of this experience but please take my word!!

I don’t have much experience with public nudity…but when it has to be done it has to be done…but thank God no-one knows me…hopefully!

So this journey is sadly coming to an end. From the geothermal pools of the Blue Lagoon, seeing the Northern lights dancing, hiking amongst glaciers, seeing some of the world’s most iconic waterfalls it’s a country jam packed with things to do.

The nature is unspoilt, exotic and mystical and presents you with some of the most beautiful and enchanting places you will ever see, as well as with a rare feeling of utter tranquillity.

We have saw fire and ice, existing together without destroying each other.

You can’t help but fall helplessly in love with the country.

The landscape serves as an epic background to whatever activity you have in mind.

I think this is where Mother Nature spends most of her time.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Helena Brogan says:

    All I can say is WOW Mary. What a landscape! Its fantastic loved all the photos and your blog thanks for sharing your experience. Wonder if I can persuade Alan to pay a visit? Perhaps in summer tho’…don’t think I

    ‘d like the cold. safe journey home. Wonder where you’ll go next? I wait with baited breath!! Xx


    1. It truly is some country…beautiful with still an untouched feeling about it! Very expensive though when your there. YES…I think you can persuade Alan for sure and I think he will love it also! I’m definitely going to go back at some point in the summer as I would love to do a hike


    2. Sorry that was meant to send I hadn’t finished…basically I was saying we would like to go back in summer at some point as in the North alot of the passes are closed in winter…so summer good time for this!


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