Following in the Footsteps of… Dinosaurs!

Friday 13th April 2018

Isle of Skye – Day 2

First stop of the day was Portree for that much needed morning coffee fix! Portree is a lovely little picturesque harbour town.

We then headed towards Uig which is a charming little village and has the ferry port to the outer Isles of Uist and Harris.

The Fairy Glen
From Uig sits Fairy Glen which is a bizarre and delightful miniature landscape of grassy, cone-shaped hills with ponds in between which gives the glen an otherworldly feel.

Skye has a long history involving the Fairy’s, most relating to Dunvegan Castle.

Fairy or Mary?

Fairy Glen has no real legends or stories involving fairy’s that can be traced but the simple fact is that the location is unusual and fascinating and a place to explore.

Next stop Staffin aka ‘the dinosaur stamping ground of Scotland’!

On the beach at An Corran, are some remarkable dinosaur footprints. We had saw this on TV and read up about it before coming. The search was on! It took us forever to find the footsteps, I was not going to be beaten.

We looked and looked and looked…then found…I was actually thrilled!

Can you see the 3 indented footprints?

They were left by a family of dinosaurs that walked across the sand here some 165 million years ago…wow…so these are some seriously very old footprints.

It was actually quite a surreal feeling/sense of connection to be able to see and touch actual footsteps of a dinosaur from an unimaginable distance in time.

My foot inside Dinosaur footprint

Dinosaur foot print/human foot

Before leaving I had to share my exciting experience and find with anyone/everyone who was still searching on the beach or acutely interested!!!

The Old Man of Storr
Lastly we visited The Old Man of Storr which is probably the most famous walk on the Island and one we had done before a long time ago but wanted to do again.

The Trotternish Ridge, a spectacular ridge of hills which includes at its highest summit, the Storr, and it’s iconic pinnacle of rock The Old Man of Storr.

The ‘Old Man’ stands high and can be seen for miles around.

As part of the Trotternish Ridge the Storr was created by a massive ancient landslide, leaving one of the most photographed landscapes in the world!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Alice Reid says:

    Looks as if weather is holding up for you. Am forwarding on to family. Elizabeth is already looking into a visit to Skye. Must admit I gave had a look at coach tours as that’s the only way we could do it. Keep tj coming Maryear. Thanks for all the info.
    Love Auntie Alice x


    1. We certainly have been lucky with the weather…on lower ground it’s been really nice, the higher up you go the clouds start to come in! I think a coach tour of Skye might be ok, a good way to see the Island for sure.
      Lots of love xxx


  2. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    The scenery looks very dramatic below the clouds. My friends who I will be travelling up to Scotland with was very excited to read about the dinosaur footprints on the An Corran beach. How amazing that you actually found them cannot wait to show them the pictures. I am not sure we will be able to visit Skye in one day from Glasgow I will have to check it out. Love Theresa x


    1. The scenery is very dramatic and the clouds add to it…you can go from blue skies to almost thunderous looking skies! We’ve had some pretty good weather so we have been lucky. We cannot believe we found the footsteps either, so lucky! Lots of love xxx


  3. Helena Brogan says:

    Great photos, better than those in National Geographic! Maybe you should submit some? Remember seeing the news about the dinosaurs footprints being found. Great that you found them too.You certainly visit some scenic places. Love Auntie Lenaxx


    1. Lol…I love your praise re the photos! Its easy to take such nice pictures as the scenery/Skye is so beautiful. Yes it was great we found the footsteps, I would have been so disappointed had we not…infact I think I’d still be there now searching lol! Lots of love xxx


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