From Sea to Summit on Skye

Saturday 14th April 2018

Isle of Skye – Day 3

The Fairy Pools
So today started with a visit to the Fairy Pools near Glenbrittle at the foot of the Black Cuillin Mountains.

The walk leads into typical Cuillin scenery and it’s not too long before we start to see a beautiful crystal clear stream full of lovely pools and waterfalls….perfect for the adventurous swimmers! Did we….it’s Scotland we’re in….no-way!

Scottish culture is chock full of naturalistic Celtic myths and legends, talking of magical beings living under hills and waterfalls. The Fairy Pools embody that sense of magic in their unbelievable blue waters.

We saw no fairies today but what we did witness was a beautiful natural place that triggers the imagination.

We then headed to Elgol which is the gateway to Loch Coruisk, an inland fresh-water loch, which is secretly nestled in the foothills of The Black Cuillins.

We hadn’t planned on visiting here today, so what an unexpected bonus! Its a bit of a drive in, but oh what a drive in it is, the scenery leaves you breathless.

Loch Coruisk is a must see if you have not saw her glory before…you will be amazed I promise!

We came here almost 10 years ago and did an amazing boat trip which takes you right into the Loch. You can either stay on the boat and return to shore or hop of and take an amazing walk around one the most stunning Lochs in Britain. We even had basking sharks swimming beside our boat on our last visit.

This time unfortunately time was not on our side and we missed the last boat over. However this has now given us the inspiration to return and do a 3 day trek which will take us right through The Cuillins and Loch Coruisk.

Sunset Hike
On the drive back the evening turned out to be so nice with an amazing atmospheric sky…so we decided to do a hike to watch the sunset.

This turned out to be a really good hike giving us great views of Skye and her beauty…I shall say no more and let the photos do the ‘talking’.

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  1. Alice Reid says:

    Look forward to your blog each morning. Andy has missed his profession I think, the photos are spectacular…especially the sunsets and I loved the Highland coo!! Look forward to your next trip then I can do some more armchair travel😍😍 Love Aunty Alice x


    1. Who says they’re all Andy’s photos lol…I’m a keen amateur too you know 😉! It’s another lovely morning here in Skye so going to try squeeze something in before travelling back home…glad the blog has provided some entertainment and that Highland coo posed for us for ages btw, I took about 30 photos of him! X


  2. Helena Brogan says:

    Reading your blog on a dull foggy morning here in Boxted. Who says the south gets the best weather? The scenery is certainly dramatic…makes me want to dash off to Skye! Surprised you didn’t have a swim though…if you could do it in Iceland! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I wonder how many miles you’ve walked since you arrived there? Do you keep track? Love Auntie Lenaxx


    1. We certainly have been lucky with the weather and it’s another fine day here on Skye! Going to try squeeze something in before heading back down the way! The scenery no matter where you go here in Skye is so beautiful it’s definitely a place to visit…so peaceful too which I like. I don’t actually keep track of miles I walk but maybe I should as I’m always on the go although I was given a Fitbit as a pressie for bday and have wore it for a week so it’s interesting tracking steps! X


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