Exploring El Chaltén

Day 9 – Tuesday 16th October 2018
El Chaltén
Distance travelled:-
By plane – 0
By foot – 15.14kms/ 9.14 miles
By public transport – 0
Steps taken – 17,523

We woke up this morning to an inch of snow, everything was covered in it. Within an hour it was gone and it turned into a nice spring day lovely and warm but still with clouded skies! This then turned into a wetish autumn day which then jumped back into spring….and we had winter somewhere in between several times but summer did not show her face…this happened all day long!

Can you see the mountain in the background teasing us? These mountains surround the town and they are just visible to us now…imagine what it could look like with no clouds!

Today we decided would be our ‘rest’ day. We rose late, well late in our terms anyway, and decided we would explore El Chaltén and spend time packing our gear bags as tomorrow and Thursday look like busy days potentially for us.

We have been debating all day on when to hit Fitz Roy. We are going with Thursday but weather is changing by the minute!

Thursday appears best in terms of weather but for us it is not the best option as our bus out of here leaves Thursday at 6pm. This means an early morning rise, 4am in order to get back in time! The hike supposedly takes 8-10 hours…so do the maths! And remember I like to take a whole lot of photos and actually enjoy the experience for what it is!

‘Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out’.

I did want to do a sunrise hike and what better sunrise hike can you do than to that of Fitz Roy!

So El Chaltén. The whole village finds a gorgeous view due to the beautiful location and that’s even in clouds! We still have not witnessed the mountains which also surround it.

El Chaltén is a contamination free place and it’s inhabitants and authorities are making every effort to keep it that way.

They have a garbage recycling systems, most electric energy wires and telephone lines go ‘underground’ to avoid the visual pollution of the landscapes which I like, lots of country’s should take note of this.

Everyone appears to be trying to preserve their treasure – the fragile balance of the surrounding natural environment.

I have read that some of the best alpine views in the world can be seen here and I can believe that for sure based on what I have witnessed.

It has one of the most gorgeous settings imaginable.

And I have not even spoken yet about the coffee, wine and meat…or food in general.

One word could describe them all…..AMAZING. So today/tonight we decided to mingle with the locals and check out a local bar. I chose lasagne tonight. Now this lasagne was made from pulled beef, which melted in your mouth and it also had sliced ham in it and boiled egg?! You may think eeek but omg it was to die for! I need to Google that recipe! Four wines, huge glasses cost £5…for all 4!..although it was happy hour but even if it wasn’t after four glasses it was happy hour for me!!!

This has happened time and time again when sampling food and drinks, spot on! What I also like about here is there are no processed meats, well certainly not in any of the supermarkets we’ve been to. Meat is cut fresh..and bread is baked fresh..I like that!

This town has to be my favourite. It’s so beautiful. It’s got a funky, hippy, chilled out atmosphere, very laid back and scenic.

It still remains a small town although it is growing as you can clearly see many people living out of trailers as they build their own little gem in El Chaltén….I could live here!

Already took note of how they build their houses here, just need to find out about land permission

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  1. Alice Reid says:

    Hope weather improves for you before Thursday. Are you able to get a long range weather forecast or is weather so changeable that it isn’t possible to be exact. Notice most houses Are built with corrugated iron sheets. Grand Design had a programme last wek where the cladding on the house was black corrugated iron. Reminds me of the roofs in New Zealand…very noisy in the rain. You’ll be pleased to know I’m using your blog in my French class. Eberyone has to talk about what they’ve been up to during the past week. As I’m a bit restricted at the moment with my hip, I decided to tell them about your treck. Everyone was really interested so I’ve managed to print off a couple of your most spectacular photos to show next lesson. By the way any idea how Mountt Fitz Roy came to be named? I think in Ireland Fitz meant son of not sure about Roy , could mean King. ( or son of Roy, ha ha) I’m sure Andy would know being Irish😄 Hopefully you’ll see those wonderful views before you leave ( wonder if they’ll beat Lauterbrunnen!)
    Love / God Bless . Auntie Alice xx


    1. Houses are lovely and appear easy to build….like their method! Yes noisy roofs but I love hearing the rain hitting against it…I enjoy that in the tent also when your all wrapped up! Meant to also say that yes we do have a long term weather forecast but you can’t go with it….when we arrived here it told us today, Wednesday was the day for doing the biggest trek, blue skies even the ranger said that….there are no blue skies right now, well I lie slightly, there are a few patches! Supposedly between 2-4pm it could clear a bit…who knows… unpredictable but I like that…BUT cummin give us a view! I’ve dreamt of that mountain for years!!! X hope your hip ain’t playing up too much 😕 xxx


  2. Alice Reid says:

    Just researched Mount Fitroy. Named after Captain Fitzroy of HMS Beagle who charted Patagonian coastline. Beagle was ship Charles Darwin travelled on for his famous expedition .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Correct re Fitz Roy being named after the famous Captain…. well done….and not going to ruin the blog 😂 but there could be more to come on him/Charles Darwin and the Beagle Channel 🙄🤔😂….lol re using the blog in your French class…great idea…I need to keep my act together now so you dont fail 😂🤣xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Helena Brogan says:

    El Chalten looks a lovely place and beautiful surroundings. Did we get an occasional glimpse of Mount Fitzroy through the clouds? Or is that wishful thinking? That meal sounds tasty and the price incredible. Have been looking at that trek you did the other day on SwoopPatagonia. Looked amazing. You see how you have got us all researching and learning…it is definitely like University of theThird Age(for your aunties.)We can’t include Jane as she’s still in the 2nd age!(ha ha) wishing for Sunshine for your last day so as you can see the mountains at their peak(literally) xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very beautiful….we gonna absolutely no glimpse of Fitz Roy unfortunately….nine whatsoever!!! Yes did you check out that walk…did you actually see the views we should have got 🙈🤥😭….but can’t complain I suppose with what we saw! But it’s knowing what’s there!! I like this Third Age University 🤣😁….the sun continues tide the clouds continue to linger!!! X


  4. Jane boyd says:

    Buenos Tardes, hope have clearer sky’s today, i have sent you a lovely picture of Fitz Roy on what’s app just incase😂, along with some pics of Lennon, we are at the climbing centre at Edinburgh. Well everyone has been researching the mountains, i have done a bit research on there food, and the best little place to go for your wine, even about live music too. I will send you it whats app 😉 tell me where you are going next and I will check it all out for you 😁 looks like a wee chanted town, it’s like something from the wild west. Don’t see any Zara or warehouse 😂🤣😂🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No clear skies today 🙈…it’s teasing us for sure! I don’t need you rubbing salt into the already sore wounds Jane as I know fine we’ll the views I am missing 🙈😭😩lol. So those photos you sent we’ve already been to the waffle place and that bar with the whole wall of wine…that’s where we got 4 wines for £5.! It’s a very wild west type town…really cool, just my kind of place….I could see me here actually! No clothes shop like that but I can ask the gauchos were they shop….I can see you in a poncho 😁😂….check out those four guys from previous post at gaucho rodeo….it would suit you 🤣😉xxx


  5. Alice Reid says:

    Don’t think it would suit you Jane😁 perhaps the wine. Only joking Love Aunty Alice xc

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  6. Helena Brogan says:

    So we’re all at this research business in Kelty and Colchester too. Maybe we should call it Long Distance Learning for All! Only hope there’s no exam at the end!! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I may test the lot of you 😁😉😘


  7. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    El Chaltén looks lovely surrounded by the mountains (if you could have a full view) I am sending positive thoughts you will see them before your return trip. I love there approach to recycling.
    See what you have started all this research going on I like Jane’s thinking researching eating places.
    Hope I get a view of the Himalayas when visiting Nepal but I guess no guarantees !!

    Theresa xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s different and I like it alot, even with cloudy skies! Keep the positive thoughts coming as tomorrow is our last chance….even with no views though were still doing the trek! Eating/ drinking places are great, very laid back and friendly…love everything about it! I just found a video on phone when going through it last night of when we did our trek to Everest Base Camp…I’ll send you it to get you excited. But yes no guarantees there either…every day we held our breath praying to see Everest…we were lucky there we will be lucky here…it always comes good! You will love it for sure…my heart is still there. 💓


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