Puerto Natales

Day 13 – Saturday 20th October 2018
Puerto Natales
Distance travelled:-
By plane – 0
By foot – 12.4kms/ 7.71miles
By public transport – 0
Steps taken – 17,642

So to prepare for trekking in Torres del Paine we had to book campsites from back home as you need to have a campsite booked in order to get a permit to walk in the park…no permit no walk! Only a certain amount of permits are released so we were relieved once this had all been sorted.

We planned to do the W Circuit in 5 days, 4 nights covering approximately 100km which we thought acceptable given that we had to carry our own full gear over this period. This included tent, sleeping bag, roll mat, camping stove, gas, camping utensils, food for 5 days, clothes, toiletries and whatever else we might need.

So this is just my ‘stuff’, never mind how is that going to fit in my bag….how am I going to carry it

We heard it’s possible to fill up on water every couple of miles and the water here is so pure…added bonus!

So yes we are camping…it’s going to get a whole lot chillier in Chile!

There is other accomodation within the park called refugios but we chose to be self sufficient which we like to do retreating to our own private tent after a long days hiking, sleeping out under the stars. In the morning waking up to stunning views right from your own doorway and step out onto the cool grass rustling in the early morning wind….this is the text book version, this could change, it’s Patagonian weather were in now!

Ask me about this one after the trek!!!

We felt the 5 days would be a perfect schedule for a relaxed time in the park (read: who is she trying to kid) which would start of with a nice boat ride, views of Glacier Gray finishing with the sunrise at the Torres…this was the plan anyway!

We had originally planned to walk The O Circuit which is a longer nine day walk but we were told we couldn’t as some mountain passes were still closed due to high levels of snow still sitting….we had experienced that on Fitz Roy so we could only imagine.

The W trail can be over crowded in peak season (Nov-Mar) but fortunately, and once again we did this deliberately, we were on the early side of season it would mean things would be quieter….but colder!

Today was all about preparation. We had to buy our food for the 5 days, hire a tent and thermal sleeping bag and purchase bus tickets to take us out to the park – Torres del Paine. We also had to pack our gear back.

There was a free talk for people at a place called Erratic Rock, which gives free information on the trek, climate etc which is brilliant. It lasts one and a half hours, we thought about attending but felt we had read up enough on our own to survive…and we had loads to do!

Erratic Rock base

Once organised we spent the rest of our day wandering town, checking out the area.

We still have not found Calafete berries so next best thing….. Calafete cheesecake….it counts right?!

Street art

The Mylodon is a giant sloth, that kind of looks like a bear with a horse face. Very weird looking sloth! …I’ll come back to this at another time!

A beautiful tree

A nice place for coffee, with beautiful views

I didn’t jump…maybe next time!!

A stunning sky

A tranquil sunset

I should also mention here Che Guevara is not dead….so we’re staying in a hostel…the owner is a real character who looks like and possibly acts like Che….we have spent numerous occasions chatting to him…and what stories he has. So after being in Argentina I have actually witnessed Che in Chile….who would have thought….this is why travelling is good for the spirit!

I should also say here that I may have no WiFi over the next 5 days as not sure what to expect….who knows!

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Alice Reid says:

    Photos coming over loud and clear now😊 Do love the wall murals , in my ignorance I never associated that part of S America with the American Indians. Interested in statue of the big footed men. Enlarged it and tried to read caption but a bit difficult to decipher. Can’t imagine carrying that load on my back for 5 days. One consolation it will be a bit lighter day by day when you start eating your prepacked meals. Are You going to smuggle a slice of cheesecake in with the rest of your food😅? Hope all goes well and that the weather is kind to you. Love/God Bless Aunty Alice xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah that’s good…I managed to get better signal last night…when I’m back I’ll try find out more about that statue. Yes maybe I should eat all the food on day one lol to lighten the load…no cheesecake for 5 days I don’t think….but thinking about it fir when we come back might keep us going!! X


    2. So that guy’s name is Alberto de Agostini…he was an explorer…..1883-1906 x


  2. Alice Reid says:

    Remember seeing sculpture of fingers in a graveyard in Germany when we were with your Mum and Dad. Good idea of giving out permits for popular tourist destinations . Should be taken up in other parts of the world.xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a great idea re the permits….that’s us off now on the 7sm bus!! X


  3. Helena Brogan says:

    Morning Mary good luck on your trek…in case your not on WiFi for next few days. I’ll be able to follow you on SwoopPatagonia as they have a map of the w trek and photos. You certainly choose to do things the hard way…..carrying all that stuff as well as hiking! I looked at the various types of accommodation on the trek….think I would’ve chosen glamping. Hope you get all that stuff in your bag. Looking at those statues made me think of Easter Island and the strange statues there…..suppose that’s not too far away from Chile? Glad to hear that Che is still around…maybe he’s been reincarnated😂 enjoy the next stage of your adventure.xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just waiting on the 11am catamaran to take us over to start our trek…it looks amazing doesn’t it….we have slight rain at the moment with cloudy skies….hopefully this won’t continue but we’ve heard cloud cover for a few days 🙈 surely it can’t happen again! Yes camping sounded good from back home until your here 😂, so aswell as the hike, feeling like a Sherpa then sleeping on rock solid ground it should be GREAT 😁🙄….I need to look in to Easter Island x


  4. Alice Reid says:

    Found out aboutique statues. His name was Alberto Maria Agustín I
    An Italian missionary of St John Bosco order. He was a mountaineer scientist and exploved extensively that region. Your making me do my research😀. Good foryour old brain


    1. Lol…your comment has just came through….ah there you go…interesting, thanks for that x


  5. Jane boyd says:

    Good afternoon, i like the look of Chilli,looks a lovely place, enjoy the next part of your journey, good luck, take care god bless. Sending our love xx


  6. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    Buenas tardes, I have just returned from a lovely day walking by the sea only managed 27km it has been such a lovely Autumn day here today. I was thinking about you both doing your trek as I was walking along.
    Some beautiful pictures the colours of the sunset over to water is so lovely. Everywhere looks so colourful.
    I had to re read the bit about you relaxing for five days !!
    I can’t imagine you will have any problems sleeping tonight after your day of trekking.

    Liked by 1 person

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