Tierra del Fuego

Day 22 – Monday 29th October 2018
Tierra del Fuego National Park
Distance travelled:-
By plane – 0
By public transport – 48 kms/ 30 miles
By foot – 25 kms/ 15.4 miles
Steps taken35,816

Last night we just happened to sleep through a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, which struck near Ushuaia. The quake hit 201 miles (324km) south of Ushuaia.

The tremor took place at 2.54am local time.

The earthquake occurred in a hazardous stretch of water which is also known as the Drake Passage.

There doesnt seem to be any visible effects in the city. Wow….didn’t expect that!

Also witnessed signs in this neck of the woods regarding tsunami’s so it does make you aware of what can potentially happen!

So where do I start now after that one!!!!!

Today we wanted to visit the city’s first and foremost attraction which is the world-renowned Tierra del Fuego National Park, the southernmost national park in the world.

That’s Chile in the very background

We had to do it…we had to finish (well almost) our ‘hiking’ journey by literally doing one more hike to the very end of the world where land meets sea!

This huge area in the Argentine side of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago is famous for its dramatically beautiful scenes of nature, with everything from southern Argentina’s glaciers to forests, waterfalls, lakes, and mountain peaks.

So we did our final walk, a 13.1 kms/8mile beautiful scenic coastal walk.

We even managed some trail running as half way through the walk it took you through lovely forests which almost felt jungle like.

Then we had some rock climbs, it was all rather nice.

The day was glorious but never underestimate the ever present winds at your pearl, one minute you were in a t-shirt next fleece and down jacket….and this happened constantly.

After 5 miles we hit a visitors centre and just had to do it! We had to have a coffee in the world’s most southern coffee shop…..so we’ve now ticked off the highest coffee shop in world (Gorak Shep, Himalayas last year) and now the most Southerly coffee shop in the world…I’d call that a result as I do like my coffee!

Then we finished of the last 4 miles walking to the point where the land meets the sea….and there we were….we had walked to the end.

This is the end of the Pan American Highway which travels all the way from Alaska, through North and South America and finishes right here….a whopping 17,818kms later!

This is the end of the world as we know it and it is one fabulous ending.

Once back we explored the town once again, checking out different areas, taking lots of pictures and just experiencing the place.

In a small park we came upon a monument with the bust of Eva Peron.

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  1. Jane boyd says:

    That is uncanny, I was in the middle of writing on your last post asking about the earth quake that happened yesterday , and deleted it by mistake, when I saw you had another post, great minds think alike. 😁 Did you get my last messages on your other post? Sending our love ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey hey ..yes got your messages but we’ve had no WiFi now for over a day… supposedly something to do with a fibre optic cable in whole city….well that’s what we have interpreted it to mean 🙈


  2. Jane boyd says:

    More lovely picture, what a great spot for a coffee to finish it off, sounded great. Such a colourful place, they are very artistic, the buildings would certainly brighten the place up on a horrible day. I loved the statue of Eveta and the message xx


  3. Helena Brogan says:

    Mary….You’re a typical Brogan……sleeping through a 6.4 earthquake! When we had the hurricane in the 80’s that ripped up trees, blew roofs of houses etc. I slept through it too😴. The photographs in this blog are really beautiful..can’t get over the blueness of the sky and sea. The air must be really clear and unpolluted. I liked your comment on the rock climbing being “rather nice” I thought it looked “rather dangerous”looking down at that drop to the sea.😱😱. I loved Jane’s advice to you on where to go what to eat in the last blog. She’s certainly done some serious research on your behalf. You need to appoint her as your PA😂😂. Hope you manage your boat trip before you leave there and see some of the wildlife….Enjoy.xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol….thing is I actually hear everything and sleep through nothing 😂 so my thinking is that it was a silent one 😂🙈…funny re the hurricane and you sleeping through it all!!
      Yes air feels very healthy and fresh…good for the body! My rock climbing was all safe 😂….didn’t have time to follow Jane’s eating advice as I was too busy hunting down a penguin trip 😂 x


  4. Alice Reid says:

    Couldn’t help but notice the sign Los Malvinas son Argentinas so you can’t be that far from the Falkland Island . Why not pop across there and stand up for Britain(or leave your own sign!!) 😱😱. Beautiful scenery though some parts looked a bit dangerous. Is there anywhere to leve info as to where you’re heading in case of accidents? The area seems very remote. Evita , or Eva Peron ,was practically a saint to the Argentinians when she was alive so it looks as if they have canonised her themselves!!! 😇 Didn’t you feel anything during the earthquake? as Lena says you’re certainly a Brogan!!! Now a suggestion for your next adventure,why not Treck from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego 😅😅😅. You could take a years sabbatical!!!Look after yourselvesLove/God Bless. Aunty Alice xx
    P S Hope the shoulder hasn’t been troubling you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not far from the Falkland Islands at all in the grand scheme of things.

      Didn’t feel a thing so maybe we did not tremor as I usually hear everything!

      Now that would be a trek…I actually think I’d like that!!

      Shoulder been not do bad, had it’s moments but relatively ok.

      Haven’t had WiFi for over a day now as something to do with a fibre optic cable snapping for the whole city….that’s my interpretation anyway 😂🙈 x


  5. Alice Reid says:

    Just remembered something. The part of Brottany that we visited was called Finister which means the end of the world and we visited a crepery on the coast which advertised itself as the crepery at the end of the world. Haha so Argentina has a few competitors for being at the end of the world 🐧🐧xx


  6. Helena Brogan says:

    Yes I just noticed the sign saying Malvinas son Argentinian! I agree with that….its like the Argentinians making a claim to the Outer Hebrides!!


  7. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    Just been looking at your Nepal trip pictures as I am in the middle of trying to work out what to pack. It is actually warmer during the night in Nepal than in the Uk and of course warmer in the day. Mentions in trip notes not to wear bright clothes in Chitwan National Park! I see you were wearing dark colours. See what you started how I have been influenced by you and Andy. I hear there is a Ramblers trip to Patagonia!! who knows?

    The beautiful landscapes you have come across on your trip so inspired by all your pictures. I read some of the reviews from people who had visited Ushuala the negative one don’t really stack up, from your experience the amazing landscape and the town is so colourful. I tend not to be put off when reading reviews, better to make up my own mind.

    I mentioned to Claudio about the earthquake on Monday in Ushuala and what it was like for him growing up in Santiago Chile when they felt tremors. He said they got used to feeling tremors from time to time and new the drill if your were inside.

    Look forward to next part of your journey.

    Theresa x


    1. Hi there…yes we found it warm during the day and night in Kathmandu and Chitwan. So yeah, I’d pack light and with layers…it gets sticky. We did not have it warm though up in the mountains when we trekked to base camp, infact freezing conditions because we were so high up….I remember being in bed with 5 layers of clothing on, hat, gloves, sleeping bag and it was still cold!
      A d yes definitely dark colours for the jungle… hopefully that will entice the tiger out for yous 😁😁….hope you see Ronaldo and especially hope you see the one horned rhino as that was special!
      Very beautiful here for sure, there’s just so many places. Yip like you read loads of reviews about Ushuaia and some not so great but I like to make my own mind up..and actually things like that make me want to do things even more …lol could I be stubborn 😂
      That’s interesting about the tremors but like Claudio said if they were used to that sort of stuff it almost becomes ‘the norm’!! …crazy eh x


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