Day 21 – Sunday 28th October 2018
Distance travelled:-
By plane – 563 kms/350 miles
By public transport – 4 kms/2.5 miles
By foot – 16 kms/ 9.84 miles
Steps taken23,182

Maybe it’s the austral light, or just knowing that the next step south is Antarctica, whatever it is this trove of mystical islands is undesirably magical and had to be visited.

Spanish for the land of fire, Tierra del Fuego provides you with a chance to really see the end of the world!

And today it kept in line with its fiery name, as temperatures were calm and warm, not the climate I was expecting, cold and windy.

We travelled to Ushuaia with great excitement, I mean we were about to reach the end of the world!

We were lured here by the particular mysticism of it’s geography and it’s natural environment.

In its surroundings, Ushuaia offers unexplored, untouched territories that invite visitors to one of discovery and adventure.

Ushuaia is the world’s southernmost city and is the launch point for many, if not most, cruises to Antarctica.

Within its impressive frame made up by the sea, the forests, the lakes and the mountains, it’s a picturesque city.

Sitting at the foot of the mountains that cover much of the tip of South America, it is a lovely setting for such a remote town.

Ushuaia itself has been described by some as a cute town, I had been in it 5 minutes and it is so much more. Its a vibrant and thriving capital.

Straight away I liked the vibe of the town. It was great to see so many young people out and about, congregating positively in cafes, wandering the streets etc.

Local bank

I was excited to be here….this was the nearest at this point in time that I was going to get to Antarctica…and I’d so love to get to Antarctica. It’s in my top two destinations, Alaska being the other.

When planning this trip due to time restrictions destinations were tight and we had to be selective. Ushuaia came up against the very scenic and warmer Bariloche…for us it had to be here.

So we have rented a self contained apartment. The owners have been so helpful beforehand texting us back and forward with information and even offering pick ups from the airport and a drop off in town so we can check out the area.

My first step outside the airport and I already thought wow

The apartment is perfect. It sits at the top of the town, below the mountains….and you guessed it, it’s a steep up and a steep down to and from it!

So I tried to capture how steep the hills are here but I couldn’t get the angle the only way to do it was like below. It reminds me of my visit to San Francisco!

We took them up on their great offer and after just landing, we were dropped off in town…. And off we went!

I was in awe of this place and wondered around with a permanent transfixed smile.

Check out the fancy railings….this went in for ages

Ushuaia is a Patagonian jewel that year after year welcomes travelers who have heard of its stunning beauty.

As the spot where the Andes mountains meet the sea, it offers many different activities to enjoy. While many of them are linked to the unique landscape and the gorgeous natural areas, it holds an identity of its own and an intriguing past.

Ushuaia Naval Base

I had read mixed reviews about Ushuaia but I’m telling you this if you are ready to explore the secrets of the southernmost city on the planet, don’t miss out on this place….it’s worthy of a visit.

Once again we explored town, finding our way, checking it out.

The town sits beautifully, surrounded by the most georgous black mountains covered at the top by snow.

Can you see the helicopter fly over Mount Olivia?

As we walked down to the Beagle Channel I glanced as far away as I could see imagining that next stop! My heart thumped.

Beagle Channel

The mountains of Chile sit on one side, with the mountains of Argentina on the other.

Ushuaia was not what I had imagined, it’s so much bigger and has everything you need here, or so it appears and there is so much to see and do.

While many of them are linked to the unique landscape and the gorgeous natural areas, it holds an identity of its own and an intriguing past.

The Sinking St. Christopher Tug Boat of Ushuaia, Argentina.

As we all now know Ushuaia is the closest city to Antarctica and it borders Chile in Tierra del Fuego and they share the Beagle Channel. The Beagle Channel is one of the most treacherous channels in the world. The infamous channel has sunk many ships, cruises and boats since it was discovered 1826-1830 by HMS Beagle.

Christopher (formerly the HMS Justice (W-140)) was chartered to assist in the salvage operations. The tug ended up being beached and abandoned itself during the work and remains near Ushuaia today, a monument to the treacherous channel. In 1954 the attempt baganto drag the wreck to Ushuaia where the more difficult dismantling could be undertaken. The salvage crew used floating devices to bring the ship back to the vertical. Finally the ship turned upright and slid off the reef, and on 14 October 1954 three tugboats began slowly pushing the remaining wreck to Ushuaia. However when the little convoy had traveled less than a mile, the ship again listed to port and slowly slid beneath the water. –

This has become the backdrop of the Ushuaia City for more than 50 years. At Christopher tug boat is part of the history or yet reminder on how unpredictable is the calm Beagle Channel of Tierra del Fuego.

We are here until Wednesday 31st October and I am already wishing we had gave ourselves more time…so in fitting with their slogan, ‘Tierra del Fuego, End of the World, beginning of everything’….let’s do this!

P.s. a few pieces of trivial information from the locals

Parts of the Oscar winning movie The Revenant was filmed right here up at Mount Olivia, picture below.

The name Tierra del Fuego was supposedly given to the land by the first explorer’s who came here and from their boats could see lots of fire. These fires were coming from the local indigenous people who lived here.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Alice Reid says:

    A very colourful town loved the vibrant church and who were the men in what looked like prison clothes painted on the wall. So many questions Mary I must be doing your head in…. Are you likely to see any penguins?Loved the unusual cloud formations in the sky. Aunty Lena sent me a link about some Scottish lady who was first woman to explore Patagonia I don’t know f she sent it to you . Very forward thinking lady and a proper women’s libber.. Look forward to hearing your next adventure. How will you settle once you get back to Kelty😳😳. Love /God Bless Aunty Alice xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So in 1896 a prison was built here by prisoners, housing serial prisoners. It was closed in 1947. I’d say very similar conditions to that if Alcatraz, I would suspect…it’s open to visitors…we may try do it if we have time.
      Yes Auntie Lena sent me the information, very interesting.
      Penguins!!!! Wait and see 😂🙈
      Don’t know how I will settle…it’s going to be sore! X


  2. Helena Brogan says:

    Looks a wonderful special place. I see you’ve “scrubbed up” for these photos😂 you look very well. Now I wondered if there are any shops, pubs or cafes calling themselves “last…….at the end of the world”? We used to laugh when driving to/from Scotland to see signs saying last shop etc. Anyway glad the place has lived up to your expectations. Hope you enjoy your few days there whatever activities you decide to do as well enjoy your photos and descriptions. Going to miss your blogs when this trip finishes. I’ll have to return to catching up with the morning news on my iPad (how dreary!)Xx
    (Ps you’ve got my long term memory working overtime again..when I lived in Sydney I used to hear adverts on the radio offering day flight over Antarctica. I wish I’d gone now when I had the chance).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s stunning and very special. Lol…there is of course an Irish Pub doing that very thing 🙈
      Lol…re your comment about going back to reading the news!!

      Can’t believe you could have flown over Antarctica and never!!! 🙈🙈

      Yes …I’m feeling clean and fresh 😂😂😂 x


  3. Alice Reid says:

    Seem to be Irish pubs all over the place. We came on one in Slovenia in a little village up in the mountains. Happy Hallow e’enn👻👻xx


  4. Jane boyd says:

    Hi,looks like a nice wee place, there street art is better than Kelty’s 🤣😂😅.there is quite a bit to see there. You can go out to the lighthouse on a boat to see the penguins and sea lions. Steam train through the National park sounds good too. Oh by the way Kumar Resterante look great right down at the water,puddings look amazing xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jane boyd says:

    Another 3 good eating places is Maria Lola, Taverna Del Virgo Lobo and Kalna. Best wine bar is Lakuma,, ask for Diego the owner, he is meant to be lovely. They let you tasty the wine you are buying IMG with some local cheeses and bread XX the Sider Crab there is a famous dish world wide and 3 of there most popular dishes is king crab, Fueguino lamb and black hake, enjoyxx


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