Final Destination

Day 24 – Wednesday 31st October 2018
Distance travelled:-
By plane – plane 1 : 1,080kms/ 671 miles; plane 2 : 2360kms/1472 miles
By public transport – 20 kms/12.5 miles
By foot – 12 kms / 7.53 miles
Steps taken18.021

We caught a lift this morning at 7.25am to the airport from the very lovely people we rented our apartment off.

Our flight was at 9.20 am…today we were leaving for our final destination.

WiFi from Ushuaia had been down for over a day due to an optic fibre cable being damaged…well that was our interpretation of what we were being told anyway? Could it have been caused by the earthquake?!

We arrived at the airport to find everything being done manually…yeah you can imagine…eventually we managed to check in and hopefully have our bags transferred internally for the next flight…this could get interesting!

Ushuaia Airport

From Ushuaia we fly back to Buenos Aires which should take around 3 hrs 20 minutes then from there we hit our final destination.

We are now off to Iguazú.

This will involve another flight of just under 2 hours.

Iguazú is the gateway to Iguazú Falls in Iguazú National Park and that is mostly what we were going for! Northwest, the Three Borders Landmark overlooks the rivers where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet.

So after being delayed in Ushuaia for 50 minutes we were off.

Take off was amazing and the views from the plane stunning of the Beagle Channel and The Andes mountains.

Once arriving in Buenos Aires we then saw that our next flight had a delay 3 hours due to thunderstorms in Iguazú.

Eventually at 18.05 local time it was takeoff….the day had pretty much been wasted travelling or should I say NOT travelling…do they know how much I could have done in that time!

Once arriving in Iguazú (19.50) we very quickly found our accomodation, dumped our bags and headed straight out again to check out the area.

So for our last couple of days were staying in a bed and breakfast type accomodation. The two guys that run the place, are amazing, very friendly, helpful and cheery.

The guys were telling us about the thunder storm and they were saying a plane had been damaged when it got hit by lightening. Their friend was meant to be travelling from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia today but it got cancelled altogether…maybe we were lucky then after all….I mean at least we got here!

And because I loved them so much here are some more penguin photos from yesterday…looking at these certainly helped me get through my delays!!

This guy wouldn’t speak to me!

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  1. Jane boyd says:

    Robbie Williams touring South America, starts in Chile this weekend xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol….id rather a 🐧


  2. Alice Reid says:

    Just checked out Iguagu on Google and it looks fantastic. Gather quite a few films have used the falls as backdrop .One I did see was the Mission and remember being very impressed with the landscape. Airport at Ushuaia looks very modern,I suppose they have to cope with lots of Trekkers in high season. Your a bit like Phillip, he came back from the Falklnds with loads of photos of penguins and tried to persuade Anna to agree to a tour of duty out there. He was back a couple of months ago. You must be sad that your trip is nearing its end. Will be interested to know what you have in mind for your next trip. Look after yourselves and don’t be planning any daring fetes over the waterfall.
    Love/God Bless.


    1. The Falls are pretty amazing aren’t they!!! Yes, Mission was the one we knew about, no wonder they went there to film! The airport in Ushuaia was a lovely building and it was very aerodynamic…in terms of the shape of the roof etc. I must have taken over 50 pictures of those penguins it was rediculous actually🙈…hmmmm so your telling me the Falklands have penguins….now if I’d known that you might have sold it more to me😂😂😂….yes pretty sad it’s all coming to an end but looking forward to seeing my babies 🙈😂….feels like ages but I suppose it has been….dreading the routine though when I return, well the day to day monotony if you get my meaning….I have enjoyed the travelling, living out my backpack, forgetting about days of the week and especially checking the time….I have enjoyed the time being mine, keeping things simple and just going with the flow…I’m already thinking what’s next 🙈🙈🙈 x


  3. Helena Brogan says:

    Wonderful views from the plane of the channel and the Andes. Don’t suppose you felt too sad since you’ll be going back there to get to tAntarctica sometime in the future.Glad you’ve safely reached your next and final destination in Argentina. Look forward to your photos and blog. I love all the penguin photos🤗xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it was a perfect day for flying….wonderful views! Yes I will be back to catch that boat for sure but I do hope that Channel is smoother! We couldn’t even take photos when it was rough as we couldn’t stand up in boat!! X


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