Iguazú Falls

Day 25 – Thursday 1st November 2018
Distance travelled:-
By plane – 0
By public transport – 20 kms/12.5 miles
By foot – 21 kms / 13.02 miles
Steps taken30,905

Today we were paying a visit to the Argentinian side of the Iguazú Falls.

All through the night it had been belting it down with rain and this morning wasn’t much better. But we weren’t going to let a little bit of a tropical thunderstorm stop us from seeing the falls!

This is the bed and breakfast we are staying at…this is the main building

And we have this small contained apartment which is joined on at the back

Other than the thumping rain, it was actually warm..so at least we had warm rain…always look on the bright side!

The guys from our accomodation offered us ponchos which I took great pride in wearing, Andy did not!

Me just embarrassing Andy with my trendy poncho

On the walk to the bus station it was torrential. Once on the bus we were safe, or so we thought….but ow no…it was that bad it even rained on the bus…I kid you not…my poncho went back on!

Within 5 minutes of arriving at the park the rain was off and it turned into a dry humid day…perfect.

Iguazú Falls sits in the subtropical north of Argentina. It’s the largest waterfall system in the world and is one of the countries most impressive natural features.

This massive natural feature however means tourist trap…but it had to be done, that’s why we came after all.

On entering the park we were told to look out for these guys.

They’re called Coatis….every poster warned ‘they can bite’….and they were everywhere. We were told to watch if we were eating as they could get very aggressive.

And it could lead to this!!

We were also told to look out for jaguar’s and monkeys!

What we weren’t told about was killer ants and green spiders….eek!

Rubbish photo as this ant moved so fast but look at it in comparison to phone


Is it a green spider?

We made our way over a network of footbridges snaking their way amongst the falls.

By this point I was soaked!

This incredible collection of 270 waterfalls stretch across 3 kilometres, creating an unforgettable spectacle tucked away in the luxuriant tropical rainforest split between Brazil and Argentina.

Our visit was a jaw dropping experience, and the power and the noise of the cascades will live in my memory forever an experience not to be forgotten.

This is looking on to the Brazilian side

These iconic falls are simply fantastic and awe-inspiring, intimidating and deafening, hypnotizing and enrapturing.

Standing in its presence was drenching, dripping and dousing to those daring enough to get close….we got close and we got soaked!

It became a very bad hair day!!!

Watching the water drop aggressively as it roared and rumbled on its journey across the rough rock path was breathtaking.

The giant spray from below reached back up towards the sky like it was touching it.

Never before have I seen a waterfall as magnificent as this scene and probably never will again.

Majestic, wonderful, amazing, beautiful…..one of the most spectacular sights nature can offer, a once in a lifetime!

Four times the width of Niagara Falls they are huge.

There are waterfalls and then there are waterfalls! And then there’s Iguazú!!!

After we finished here we headed back to the town of Puerto Iguazú.

Puerto Iguazú felt different to the other towns we had been in. It definitely felt more Latin American to the other places.

Although there were signs of ‘fancy’ hotels, it appeared that there were less tourists about. The Falls are definitely the main attraction here and money has certainly been pumped into the park but less so in other areas…on walking the streets it felt safe but there was definite signs of poverty.

We checked out The Triple Frontier which is a tri-border area along the junction of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, where the Iguazú and Paraná rivers converge, it was pretty cool to be so close to three countries in the one spot!

Paraguay top left, Brazil top right

Check out the birds nest hanging from this tree!

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  1. Alice Reid says:

    Lots of rain lots of water!!!When I googled the falls Eleanor Roosevelt is ssupposed to have said when she first saw them”poor niagara” and Icansee why. Did say it was very hot and humid and lots of aim so looks as if your poncho was a waste of time Mary😄 I do like the look of your accommodatiion , and your little patio. What was the monument which looked like an aeroplane’s wing? Those animals seem to be very vicious , hope you didn’t meet any. I remember seeing a film when I was young with Charlton Heston all abut S America and ants played a large part in the film but for the life of me I can’t remember it’s name. Going to miss your blogs Mary just hope Aunty Thresaor Dominic have figured out how to do one. I’m amazed how we can keep in touch so easily as I remember when we were in Fiji we wanted to phone Elizabth on her birthday and had to set the call up a couple of days before to allow or different time zones etc.. Enjoy the remainder of our holiday and just think what memories you’ll have🏔🐧🌊😻🐜. 🏕 Have you seen any iguanas yet.?
    Love/God Bless.
    Aunty Alice xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes so much water to contend with…due to the thunderstorms previous there was even more water than normally so pretty spectacular sight! I couldn’t even capture the size of the falls as it is so big and goes on and on and on! Yes the accommodation is very pretty isn’t it ‘rustic’ as I’d call it. Those animals were everywhere running around us so we saw loads 🙈. Isn’t it crazy being so far away but nowadays people can connect so easy….always amazes me! I’ll need to re-read my blogs as I have forgotten now what I did in the first week of this trip 😂😂😂…and yes we saw loads of iguanas today! Ow btw…that thing that looked like a wing of a plane was just a concrete ‘trig point’ type thing just marking the Argentinian side of the 3 viewpoints in each country. X


  2. Jane boyd says:

    Good afternoon, enjoyed the pictures, the waterfalls were amazing, looked like something from a Tarzan movie or Jurrasic park movie ,Wouldn’t like to fall into that.wouldnt have fancied the beasties, how was it for misquito’s? Mexico was bad going through the wooded areas to see the tombs? Great experience xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The waterfall was huge …couldn’t fit it all into one picture…and that was just one side of it! Loads of pesky mosquitos here as were in the jungle!! Should have stayed in the fresher air!! 😂 X


  3. Helena Brogan says:

    Great finale to your trip Mary (unless you are off somewhere else before flying home!! Amazing waterfall. Can imagine how overwhelming it must have been to see and hear it. Didn’t like the nasty wounds you can get from those coati or the look of those creepie crawlies😱 Hope Andy had a twig to hand😂 Wondered why you didn’t keep the plastic poncho on when you visited the Waterfall? Maybe you wanted to feel the spray 🚿😀. Anyway this has been a great blog. Wonder how many followers you have? Some of those photos are good enough to enter some photography competitions. Safe journey home. Is it Saturday or Sunday that you leave? The family, particularly Daryl, Corey and your mum will be eagerly awaiting your arrival. Love from Auntie Lenaxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes what a waterfall…so we might have sneaked one little other thing into our trip 😂…I’ve got small video clips of ‘things’ that I will send you when I have time of glacier, Mountains, waterfalls. I thought id experience the waterfall on the skin and feel its coldness etc.. pretty cool but got totally soaked.. possibly better than the poncho look though 😂🤣…yes I think I might need to read back my own blog to check out what I got up to as the first week now seems like ages ago!! So it Saturday we leave here but not home in Scotland until Sunday….boys said they have missed us but maybe they’re just trying to make us feel better 😂…they’ve coped but it’s been a while! X


  4. Jane boyd says:

    What about her sister ?????????😭😢😭😢😭😢

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww you miss your little sis 😘😍❤️😂


  5. Helena Brogan says:

    Sorry Jane…..didn’t mean to leave you out!🤭Thinking particularly of the “boys” and your mum who’ll probably be relieved to see her back on home ground. I know all the family will be pleased to see them.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗. By the way you mentioned you’d recorded a programme for Mary. What was it.?I wouldn’t mind watching it too. I can relive my armchair travel to Patagonia😃😂😃 Hope you all ok. Ps I saw a photo of Amy when I was at your mums house, I thought it was you…..she’s your double! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol… she won’t be missing me one tiny bit 🤣😂🤣😂…and I’m not even sure my mum will even have noticed 🙈🙈…mum if you read this I’m joking!!!! 😂🤣


  6. Jane boyd says:

    Ha ha, the programme was called Patagonia: Earth’s Secret Paradise. Mum was telling me that you thought the picture was me, whish I was that age again 😄 hope you and Alan are well, were are your next Tavel’s ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s exactly how I’d describe Patagonia….Earth’s Secret Paradise….now why didn’t I think of that!!? ❤️


  7. Helena Brogan says:

    No plans at present Jane……need to recover from my Patagonian adventure. It’s exhausted me…..all that hiking getting up at 3am, catching planes buses boats etc. etc. 😴😂!!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brilliant….you have just made me laugh out loud as I sit here on my last night in Iguazú X 😂…very funny indeed x


  8. Helena Brogan says:

    I looked for that programme on Bbc iplayer..unfortunately not available?😒 Can’t understand why. Would’ve enjoyed reliving it all again😂😂


  9. Jane boyd says:

    Mary have you and Andy been on the Argentinian wine again 😭😅😢 I’m emotionally drained with all your blogs, good job Andy is there to help with the photography and doing the researching while you type 😭🤣😂😀😪

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Funny funny funny…..you know fine well re the photos and the research…and let’s just say it’s not Andy!!!! Well apart from the ones I’m in!!! 😂


  10. Jane boyd says:

    Aunty Lena,. You will get it on catch up on sky BBC 2 xx


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