Day 26 – Friday 2nd November 2018
Distance travelled:-
By plane – 2360 kms/1472 miles
By public transport – 125 kms/80 miles
By foot – 12 kms / 7.36 miles
Steps taken – 17,385

So yesterday wasn’t our final destination after all. Today we decided to skip one more border and visit Brazil.

We had come all this way to see the Iguazú Falls so the Argentinian side was not enough. We wanted to experience them all over again. So we did, but this time from Brazil.

We set of by bus again and hit the border within 10 mins. Same routine as per usual took place…we all left the bus on the Argentinian side, went in to border control, got stamped, jumped back on the bus, drove 5 minutes, hit the Brazil side, jumped off the bus, went in to border control, got stamped, everyone back on the bus and we were officially in Brazil.

Now I must say here it was a slick enough process and it appeared easier to get through border control than entering Iguazú Falls on the Brazil side…it was mobbed, there were people and queues everywhere, once in though it got better.

So here we were at the Falls again. From the Brazil side we got the most amazing panoramic views, the picture postcard view. It was breathtaking and impossible to take a bad photo here.

This waterfall is taller than Niagara and wider than Victoria…I can’t stress how huge it is!

It has the greatest annual flow of water in the world and standing here today you could see the volume pushing it’s way through.

Iguazú translates from the native Indian language meaning “Big Water”…good description I’d say.

It has featured in many a movie from Mr Magoo to Indiana Jones…when here you can see why!

Once again we watched mesmerised by this huge U-shaped formation pounding the water below in raging cascades with deafening intensity.

No wonder this is one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

This Statue of Frederico Engel sits outside the falls. He lived in and around the Falls during the early part of the 20th century. The central plaque suggests that he was keen that the Falls should not be in private hands….and thank goodness for that as this amazing natural waterfall should be seen by all!

We also got to see some more wildlife….and pesky mosquitos, just aswell we got our yellow fever injection then or there might have been the bleeding from the eyes and the zombie look happening!

But none of these!!

So tonight we leave from Puerto Iguazú to Buenos Aires on the the 10.45pm flight.

We flew through a lightening storm. This went on for ages. It was stunning to watch the sky being light up brightly with flashes of light and seeing the stars…again nature performs.

Tried taking photos this is what was captured at 30,000ft but doesn’t do it justice

If only our airline had performed to the same standard. I’m going to name and shame here but we flew with Latham Airlines tonight, our 3rd flight with them in 4 days. Every single flight with them we have had delays totalling 5 hours.

Every other airline has been on time.

So tonight meant we never arrived into our hotel until after 2am.

Maybe I should add in a penguin photo here to gentle the mood!

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  1. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    Wow, how amazing are those waterfalls the noise must have been deafening . More impressive than Niagara Falls wonder if there is a walk way behind the waterfall . I remember watching a film where you could go along a walkway behind The Niagara Falls. I only viewed them from above. What a trip you have been on seeing all this natural beauty quite mind blowing . I can appreciate how it makes you want to see more hence you going into Brazil to get a different view of the falls. Well today the day we start our little adventure to Nepal so very excited and hoping I have got all the right paperwork etc. Dominic finished his work yesterday so I think he will be packing this
    morning. So looking forward to our trip. We fly around 20.30 to Hong Kong then on to Kathmandu ⛰


    1. So loud you could not hear a thing! But spectacular! Holiday has been amazing, so much to see and do and we have tried to see and do as much as we could!

      Exciting stuff that you guys leave today for Nepal. You both will live it. The atmosphere is incredible, the people even more so! Enjoy your trip and take it all in x


    2. So loud you could not hear a thing! But spectacular! Holiday has been amazing, so much to see and do and we have tried to see and do as much as we could!

      Exciting stuff that you guys leave today for Nepal. You both will love it. The atmosphere is incredible, the people even more so! Enjoy your trip and take it all in x


  2. Jane boyd says:

    Good morning, the falls looked amazing, had a look at some videos, that just let you see what the atmosphere was like, and how loud the water was. Bet that was some thing to see.coming to the end of your journey, you have packed in loads though. Lots of memories you will keep with you, enjoy your last day xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Morning/Afternoon…waterfalls loud and amazing…pretty special. Yes we haven’t stopped and tried to cram as much in as much possible…it’s been great whilst it’s lasted x


  3. Helena Brogan says:

    Well Mary what a trip you’ve had. And to end in such a spectacular place..the Iguazu Falls. ..and to get over to Brazil as well. Jane sent a you tube video where you can see and hear the waters tumbling down. I passed it on to Alice. Amazing! When I saw the statue of Federico Engel….I thought at first it was Karl Marx mate!! But googling his name it came up with the information you told us. Good man keeping the falls in public hands. He was from a family of German immigrants. Sorry to hear your flight was delayed again. You’d be exhausted by the time you got to the hotel.
    Hope you have a good flight home. You might pass Terry & Dom going the other way…you can give them a wave👋👋😂😂xx
    ps was that a little bird in the photo above the sign warning about pumas? Some strange little creatures crawling around. Thanks again for sharing your blog. It’s been great following it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, it really has been amazing…every single day! I have videos we took I’ll send on to you.

      Yes we might just pass Auntie Theresa and Dom, our trip just finishing theirs beginning!

      Think that could have been a flower on that photo? X


  4. Alice Reid says:

    Second attempt at trying to comment. What an amazing site with which to end your holiday. Lots of fantastic views but this one must be the tops(what do you think?). Think that lizard like creature must be an Iguani but not sure, pity you didn’t ciome across any pumas or Jaguars or are you quite relieved? Elizabeth was impressed by your photos of the penguins and was surprised you could get so close to them. Spoke to your Mum last night and she was saying that Darrell is meeting you at the airport tomorrow. Hope your flights home are on time and that you have a safe journey home. Love /God Bless.
    Aunty Alice xx
    PS. Had first photos from Luke to say he had arrived in Kenya. A photo of a roadside market take from the bus. His Dad says he doesn’t think he’ll get ,uch chance to be a photogropher as they seem to be on manoeuvers most of the time but Jane has promised to se d me some from Berlin so I won’t feel too isolated😥😥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was rather special wasn’t it! For me it was probably the glaciers especially glacier gray as we had hiked so long to get to it….I liked its ruggedness…must admit though I was overwhelmed at seeing Fitz Roy and it was an emotional sight! So many to choose from! Yes we got pretty close to the penguins but the guide was good making sure we weren’t to close that they would be scared and there was only 10 of us…. beautiful.
      Yes Daryl meeting us at the airport tomorrow which is great….I’m sure today will be a day of housework for them 😂
      That’s a pity re Luke as I’m sure there would be plenty sights to see there but equally understandable! How long is he there for? X


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