The Lakes

  • Monday 13th May 2019
  • Southward bound

With a week’s holiday planned we were heading to the Lake District. We had camped here several years ago and had always planned to return.

So our plan is to stay in the Borrowdale area. One of our main reasons on coming here is to climb Scafell Pike which would then mean we’ve summited the 3 highest peaks in the UK. However the Lakes in general has so many walking routes high and low that we have so many options.

In addition, we’ve also brought our road bikes with us in the hope that we can get some cycling in too….even if it is just down to the nearest local pub and back it’s an option!!!

So…I am very excited as were ‘glamping’ it up for five days and staying in a Yurt.

We’ve stayed in a Yurt once before on the Isle of Harris and we fell in love with it. We found it more luxurious than our tent, with slightly more comforts inside but it still felt like we were still in the outdoors which we love.

So we headed off early to make the most of the week ahead and had a leisurely drive down south.

We headed to Gretna Green….haste I might add only for a pit stop….there were certainly no other plans…fact!

Seriously though the amount of times I have driven passed here and never stopped of, but today curiosity got the better of me.

It was heaving…there were bus loads…we left quickly!

Before heading to the Yurt we stopped in Keswick and had a wander, a coffee outside in the sunshine then picked up some food for tea from the supermarket before heading to Barrowdale.

The drive was amazing. We drove through the Honiston Pass which provided us with the most scenic of views before arriving at our Yurt.

So our Yurt is on a farm, surrounded by roaming countryside, trees and hills….it’s perfect and it it’s very near Skafell Pike.

Inside we have a log burning fire, gas stove, futons to sleep on, a star gazing roof with fairy lights all around the walls inside should it get too dark which run off solar power….it’s all so perfect.

I should add here though that when I use the terms glamping or luxury…I use them loosely…very loosley…so there are two functioning toilets just up from our yurt but no hot running water in them or electricity! The shower block, which is basically a converted barn, sits over the road in the farmyard, probably a five minute walk away…this does however have hot running water.

We also have no signal whatsoever which is great and pretty funny considering we’ve trekked the Himalayas with signal and even went to the end of the world with signal!

Outside the birds are singing and the lambs are springing about the fields, full of energy running and chasing each other…their noise wonderful.

I love this little one…’Little Missy Black Lamb

After a chilled out walk about the country lanes we retreated to the luxury of our yurt to get that wood burning stove on and gaze at some stars!

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  1. Helena Brogan says:

    Hello again Mary… never stop do you? It gets hard to keep up with you😀. That Yurt looks very comfy. I’ve always wondered what they looked like inside…quite swish. Could stay in one except wouldn’t like the outside loo or cold showers! Though once upon a time Alan and I used to go camping….in Norfolk and even Brittany. I love the Lake District too. Although I’ve never climbed Scafell Pike we visited a couple of times staying in a small unit at Portinscale overlooking Derwentwater and did a lot of the walks (that was back in the day!!). Hope you enjoy the week and weather stays fine for you. Xx ps love that little black lamb.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol…I try not too!! Yurt is lovely..basic but all we need. The one we stayed in in Harris was more upper class 😂…we do have hot running water up in the shower block so you would manage here 😁….I think you guys should start the camping again…it’s never too late…you can get into it and enjoy it all over again 🙄😏…the Lake District is lovely…were running out of time for everything we want to do and what with the weather being so kind to us, making things a whole lot better…we drove down to Derwentwater it’s beautiful x


  2. Alice Reid says:

    Your Yurt looks lovely, Mary. First time I heard of a Yurt was from some friends who returned home from visiting their son in Hong Kong and took the Trans Siberian railway home. They stopped overnight and slept in a Yurt. Probably not as up to date as yours. Elizabeth, Bruce and family spent a weekend in something similar in the grounds of that place where she had her Wedding reception . They had a hottub but had to get the fire going underneath to heat the water before they could use it. With the lights and fire on your one looks like something from outer space 😱 Hope the weather stays fine for you. But not too hot. By the way,I have sent for the DVD of Edie and am really looking forward to watching it. The crits say its worth watching just for the scenery. Enjoy your Lakeland trip xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The yurt is just what we need, comfy with the basics. I bet your friends yurt was the proper ones though which would have been cool to stay in! I sure could have been doing with a yurt like Elizabeth an Co last night…especially with a hot tub, that would have been just the thing! Weather has been great and hopefully it will continue for us. You will enjoy Edie, especially the Scottish scenery that’s all we watched it for and because it was one of the mountains we wanted to do..and once your hip is done just think…that could be you 😁…there will be no stopping you! X


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