• Tuesday 14th May 2019
  • The Lake District

Last night ‘Mary had a little lamb’ bleating the whole night long….well from 11pm till 5am this morning…the lamb cried, the mother answered, the lamb cried the mother answered it went on and on and on, over and over and over…I take it all back from last night it was so NOT a wonderful noise.

Apart from a wailing lamb crying all night though I did star gaze for ages snuggled up in my duvet looking out through the roof of the yurt…the sky was clear, the stars were out….I just love space….every time I closed my eyes I opened them again just one more time to have another last look!

Morning came early and bright as the sun light up our yurt through the roof…it was a nice natural wake up call….and the lamb had just stopped it’s crying!

However it was time to get up and moving as today we were hiking up Hellvelyn, probably the most recognised high mountain walk in the Lake District, via Striding Edge Ridge, a classic approach to the summit.

Helvellyn is the 3rd highest mountain in the Lake District and England.

We started from a small village called Glenridding…it was so small we drove through it in 3 seconds flat.

We headed up from the village steeply to the first summit of the day which was Birkhouse Moor.

You could clearly see the distinctive Corrie’s and sharp ridges of the mountain that had been carved by glaciers during the ice age.

Once up we began our ridge walk along Striding Edge which started off gently before progressing to a knife edge undulating ridge…pretty cool and pretty impressive and I must admit I do enjoy a bit of a scramble to enliven the climb.

We eventually reached the summit of Hellvelyn.

We approached a plaque which told the story of a hillwalker/artist – Charles Gough, who was virtually unknown until he fell to his death in 1805. It told the legend of how his loyal dog Foxie stayed with his deceased owner on the mountain for 3 months, possibly surviving on the dead artists remains!

After having lunch (probably not the best time to eat after reading that) we chose to complete the horseshoe circular by heading down Swirral Edge Ridge.

Check out the top of this mountain, they sure do it posh here in England…they even have seats at the top

This was a tricky decent as the rocks were so obviously polished from the thousands and thousands of people following this route.

From up here we were speechless about how many ‘man-made’ paths were carved out amongst the mountains, it actually looked like spaghetti junction!

However I do believe that erosion is a massive challenge on Helvellyn so if this offers protection to the land then so be it.

After descending the ridge we decided to head a different way than the masses and head up Catstye Cam.

This was actually a pretty nice climb with amazing views which no one seemed to care about as we were the only ones there…perfect for us!

Then it was time to head down where we eventually joined the main path out.

It had been a great day overall on the hills, plenty sunshine, beautiful views and great scrambles over two contrasting ridges….and a ‘Travellers Inn’ right at the end of our journey…what else could you ask for!

Tonight I’m asking/hoping for a bit of ‘Silience of the Lambs’ at the yurt please!!!

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  1. Helena Brogan says:

    Another achievement for you both…..wondered if you sing “climb every mountain….”. on your way up😀? Scenery looked amazing. Bet you’ll sleep well tonight so you might not even hear the lamb? Wonder where you’re off to tomorrow..Scafell Pike? Glad your having good weather hope it holds out for you. According to the Met Office it’s supposed to be fine up there. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not that happy whilst I climb Auntie Lena


    2. Ooops that wasn’t meant to send just yet…so as I was saying….

      I’m not that happy when I climb Auntie Lena ..too busy building up a sweat and to be honest with you just enough air in the lungs to get me up the hills never mind sing 😅😂…scenery is lovely here, very manicured! Great re your weather forecast as were not getting signal to check 🙌


  2. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    Hi Mary just catching up with your blogs such beautiful scenery and as you say not a soul around. Found that funny how these cute little lambs can be so noisy in the dead of night. The yurt looks so cosy and quite magical to lie and look up at the starry sky. I watched a documentary on travelling through Mongolia on the Trans-Siberian Express some of the overnight accommodations was in yurts it really appealed to me until I looked at the cost for 19 days the cost was £11,000. Guess that will just have to be a dream, when you looked at what it included it was probably worth it.

    Just spoke to your Mum she has been enjoying this lovely weather we are all experiencing makes such a difference to everyone, especially for the both of you during climbing Scafell Pike and Hellvelyn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very nice scenery here indeed! It can be a busy place though but it’s nice to see so many walkers…all ages! The lambs have calmed down slightly now during the night, thank goodness…I think that first night one little guy was in distress somewhere! It’s great watching the stars at night..something like this would have been ideal in Iceland! We too looked at the yurts you talk about in Mongolia as it’s somewhere we want to visit…would be cool and those would be the proper yurts!!

      Good weather makes such a difference for everyone especially if your outdoors 😎🤗


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