The Kremlin and Red Square

Friday 13th July 2019

I read, I travel, I became”

The heart of Russia’s capital, Red Square is arguably Moscow’s most visited attraction.

The cobblestone square is surrounded by beautiful architecture and is the place where most of the city’s (and country’s) history unfolded.

What was once the market square where traders would sell their goods is now a key location in the city, surrounded by unforgettable sites such as the Kremlin, St Basils Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum and other celebrated attractions.

It pretty spectacular just standing here, taking it all in.

Today we are heading inside the biggest active fortress in Europe, Moscow’s Kremlin which offers a weeks worth of attractions.

Once you get behind the 2,235 metre long Kremlin walls, there are five squares to wander around, various buildings to explore, 20 towers to learn names of and the worlds largest bell and cannon to see.

The Tsar Bell is considered to be the biggest one in the world. It weighs about 202 ton, it is 6.14 meter high and it’s diameter is 6.6 meters…it’s huge!

The Tsar Cannon is a unique item in the Kremlin’s artillery collection. It was created in 1586 in Moscow Cannon Court.

The name “Kremlin” means “fortress inside a city”…it’s pretty amazing.

We went for brunch before five became four.

Our friend Jose from Ohio was leaving us today travelling to Brussels he has planned a few months in Europe.

We put him on the underground and headed back to Gorky Park whereby the boys, dragging us girls wanted to hire some stand on scooters!! I know, rediculous. However these scooters were cool and moved at some speed so they had to be tried.

From here we headed back to Arbat Street for some food and to unwind…the street was alive.

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