Munro Magic – Cairn a’ Chlamain

FREEDOM! Travel restrictions within Scotland have eventually been lifted so the excitement of traveling outside of Fife eventually got to us….so we left.

It felt great to be back on the road again and travelling that little bit further afield to somewhere, anywhere, that feels a little bit more isolated than where we’ve been these last 6 months.

So we chose our first out of lockdown Munro carefully….where could we escape to that could be quiet!

We went for Carn a’ Chlamain. A Munro north of Blair Athol. We felt that due to this Munro being slightly more out of the way and by that I mean a longer walk into it, it might be less appealing to some, therefore more appealing to us.

The approach up to this Munro would take us up a scenic glen, Glen Tilt, some say this is one of the Highlands most beautiful glens.

The stony summit also sits in a remote plateau, which sounded good enough to me…I felt excited at the thought of seeing nothing but mountain tops for miles and miles around.

So off we went. The weather was kind to us today, with the skies clear, so views were going to be amazing.

We walked through farmland and forest for a while with the River Tilt to the right of us. It was such a scenic and tranquil walk.

Eventually we came out to an estate road, followed this for a bit before cutting up steeply to a single grass track which then brought us onto another estate track taking us up the mountains heather clad shoulder and on to the bouldery summit.

The summit of Carn a’ Chlamain is a prominent boulder covered dome rising up from the surrounding moorland. And due to it being one of the highest peaks here we saw for miles and miles and miles of nothing but mountain tops and space.

Throughout the whole day we had not met one single person and here we were standing on this summit alone, having it all to ourselves. It felt so good. We simply stood looking all around us for ages taking every single view in…it was perfect and just what we needed.

We knew we had a big walk out and it was time to leave so reluctantly we tore ourselves off the top and started to head back down.

All the way out we could not have asked for anything more, the views remained stunning, the weather remained warm and still, we were happy and plodded on.

This Munro had been the perfect choice, great views and not one other soul to see the whole day…simply stunning.

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  1. tadhal says:

    Stunning photos of a lovely walk.

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  2. Helena Brogan says:

    Didn’t think it would take you long yo get back on the road Mary and another Munro bagged. The scenery looks magnificent and the weather perfect plus nor another soul in sight…what more could you ask for? Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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