Chitwan to Kathmandu…

So left Chitwan early this morning after saying a sad farewell to everyone there…short visit but very very special.

So the road back to Kathmandu…now I’m not going to get into it again as the locals could do this on a daily basis with no complaining BUT omg!

So just to re-iterate approx 100 miles…it took us 9hrs 30 minutes…did I say 9 hours 30 minutes! Think of the worst dusty, pot holed dirt track you can imagine, throw in a few thousand cars, buses, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles, people, cows, dogs, goats and chickens, times it by ten then you have your ultimate free for all – the road from Chitwan to Kathmundu…that’s all I’m saying!!!

HOWEVER this road could be one of the ultimate drives in the world if the road surface was decent as the views were amazing the greenery, mountains and scenery stunning.

On talking to our driver about Scotland we got on to the subject of Ben Nevis…he classed our biggest mountain as a hill lol…my guessing is though if these were the ‘small hills’ we looked at today…the large ones are gonna be humongous!

So after our fantastic drive back we hit the streets of Thamel, which remains one of the most backpacker friendly places you will find anywhere on earth.

We are safe and sound!

Not many photos today as mainly driving but decided to stick in a few silly photos we have taken so far.

These are not in anyway intended to be-little the Nepalese people, or the animals or ourselves…just some light hearted humour!

Who would want to be an electrician?

Deliveries that could go wrong!

What Health & Safety?

Who needs a tumble dryer?!

Highway maintenance!

Overtaking/Undertaking gone wrong!

Caught sleeping on the job!

Silly Goat!!! (Can you spot it lol)

Silly Cows!!!

Roadworks Kathmandu style!

The ultimate jungle jacuzzi!

A game of chicken

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  1. Michelle Diskin says:

    Ye need nerves of steel for that traffic.


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