Homeward Bound

  • Sunday 15th April 2018
  • Isle of Skye – Day 4

So this was our last morning on Skye and once again we had blue skies and warmth…not trying to rub it in or anything guys!

Talking of skies late last night there was the most stunning sky I had ever witnessed. The stars shone so bright and clear, they were huge like diamonds against a black canvas, it was so beautiful, mesmerising and calming.

This reminds me actually that I must invest in a camera lens to capture things like a night sky/stars/northern lights as my current lens does not, but I do have moments like these captured in memory and sometimes this is the best way!

From the wigwam we headed towards The Skye Bridge and once again everywhere you looked there was beauty.

Not a bad road to be on eh!

The Skye Bridge

There’s something for everyone in Skye, if your a hillwalker, photographer, nature lover, beach walker or just into chilling this is the place to come…you will witness beauty every step of the way.

From Skye we headed towards Fort William to break up the journey, this drive down is very scenic. The mountains surround you and it’s utterly stunning.

I am passionate about Scotland and take pride in its beauty. I have a particular fondness of the North of Scotland and could spend months just roaming it.

I have a ‘scratch map’ of Scotland at home and hope to visit every nook and cranny I can in order to ‘unscratch’ the whole map of Scotland…thats the plan anyway!

Once we reach Fort William we decide to walk the Steall Gorge and Waterfall. The path through Steall Gorge takes you on a journey through a deep cleft were churning water scours the bedrock and the remains of ancient woodland cling to the steep hillside.

The path through the gorge is uneven, rocky and slippery with a sheer drop on one side but it’s definitely worth the walk.

The gorge eventually opens out onto an upland meadow surrounded by open hillside…first time of seeing this it reminded me of something out of Jurassic Park and I almost thought I was going to see the culprit of those footprints we had witnessed back at Staffin Beach (Read: Dinosaur)…no joke!

Here you can clearly see the cascading torrent of An Steall Waterfall…wow!

From Fort William we then headed towards Glencoe. This is another one of my favourite parts of Scotland/World and it always takes me back to the days of being a child where me and the family were huddled together in the car and we’d ‘up north’ for the holidays. Even as a small child I was always excited and mesmerised by Glencoe and it’s magnitude and still to this day driving through it/walking in it gives me goosebumps…it’s a special place to me.

The weather here was cloudy and meek but I always think this gives it a dramatic look…today we kept on driving and did not stop as time was running away from us and our long weekend had come to an end!

But where one journey finishes…another one begins!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Alice Reid says:

    Really enjoyed your blog Mary. Will miss catching up each morning. Look forward to your next trip…KEEP THEM COMING. LOVE Aunty Alice x


    1. Hi there, I replied to this earlier but it said it never sent? I was just saying I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. I enjoy writing and taking pictures and doing it this way I suppose is a good way to keep a journal…even if no-one where to read it I think I’d still do it as possibly in later life I can look back and think really…what was I doing/thinking lol!! Maybe you should have done this with all your travelling, it would have made an interesting read! X


  2. Helena Brogan says:

    Me too Mary! Enjoyed your trip to Skye and the photos you BOTH took. Your blog is a good advert for Scottish tourism. It’s so long since we visited Skye that I’d forgotten how lovely it is. Thanks for sharing your experience. Look forward to the next one (don’t feel under pressure tho) maybe you just want to go and just lie on a beach! Love from Auntie Lenaxx


    1. Glad you enjoyed the reading and appreciate MY photographic skills too …he ain’t getting the credit for all my hard work lol!!


  3. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    Another wonderful trip to be repeated no doubt and to have such lovely weather what could be better. The really vibrant colours of the landscape are certainly breathtaking. My window cleaner and his wife came today, he is from Glasgow originally still has his accent. They had just returned from a holiday on Skye. I mentioned the lovely pictures you sent, they were so pleased to see Skye in it’s full glory. He said now back tae auld claes and porridge. Have not heard that saying since I was wee. Thank you for sharing your experience. Lots of love Theresa xxx


    1. Only down side of the trip was that it was too short! Loads more we wanted to do and see but your right, that’s maybe for another time! The colours of the land are stunning aren’t they, so many contrasts! Cannot believe that re your window cleaner having just been there etc and then them initially being from Glasgow…small world eh! I love the Glaswegian accent! X


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