Meall Corranaich & Meall a’ Choire Leith

  • Sunday 27th May 2018

I enjoy all aspects of walking, whether it’s out walking my dog, long distance hikes or hillwalking including Munro’s.

A while back I set myself a challenge of conquering Scotland’s Munro’s, which are a list of Scottish mountains over 3,000ft (914.4m).

Climbing these peaks is a great way to explore some of Scotland’s finest scenery (if you happen to get a clear day when you summit which unfortunately for me is not always the case) and further-flung locations.

Working your way through the list climbing all 282 peaks, is a popular pastime and is known as Munro Bagging. I think 6,000 people, called ‘compleatists’ (or Munroists) have climbed them all so far…wow!

I already have a good few under my ‘feet’ and today was all about conquering Meall Corranaich & Meall a’Choire Leith….so two Munro’s in the day was the plan.

The weather forecast predicted a good day for the climb with views at the summit…. sounded just like my perfect kind of day!

The drive up started of well but the closer we got to the hills the skies became gray and overcast. On parking up the car and stepping outside I have to admit I had a moment of doubt…is this the day I want to do this….it was freezing and blowing a hoolie. I also had shorts on – well I did trust those blasted weather forecasters and just to make matters worse I forgot to pack my long walking trousers (read:idiot)! I did however have waterproof trousers if all else failed!

After that initial moment of doubt though we were off, we were committed to doing this.

So these two Munro’s form the westward end of the great Ben Lawyers ridge. I read the terrain was very tough, paths were faint and peat bogs unavoidable.

To begin with a well-known made path leaves the road heading into the Moors, giving good views back over the reservoir.

Then from here on in navigation for the ascent of Meall Corranaich is aided by a line of old fence posts.

As we started to reach higher grounds the winds picked up and the weather deteriorated with rain falling.

What should have been stunning views turned into clouds and mist…this we are now quite accustomed to.

We reached the summit of Meall Corranaich (snow still visible) with the intention of getting off as quickly as we could, winds felt gale force and it was very easy to loose your footing.

Quick photo and off we plodded to summit number two – Meal a’Choire Leith. Again views should have been spectacular…we saw very little.

We descended quickly and the route back was rougher going. It was steep, it was wet, it was boggy, it was cold, it was windy….and then it was done! Result – another two ✔️✔️ of that list!

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  1. Theresa Skelhorn says:

    Hi Mary & Andy
    Enjoyed reading about your latest challenge I am sure it was hard going and sooooo cold but you did it, very proud you have the determination to keep going. We are enjoying our visit to Glasgow so far we have visited Largs and over to the island of Cumbrae, sailed down Loch Ness and tomorrow we are going over to Bute all within easy reach from Glasgow . So pleased we are seeing Scotland in the sunshine. Love Theresa xx


    1. Hi there
      Ah wondered if you were over yet…sounds like you guys will be none stop trying to cram everything in! Yes weather has been not too bad actually, so pleased you are seeing some sun and it’s supposedly staying this way, with talk of it even heating up some more over the weekend! Enjoy Scotland 😎 and hopefully you haven’t ran into those midge’s 😂😲😝xxx


  2. Helena Brogan says:

    Hi Mary. Read your blog when we got home yesterday. As usual, amazing photos of wild dramatic scenery. You certainly like a challenge whatever the weather!! Still after trekking to Everest base camp I suppose everything is possible. Wonder where you’re off to next….maybe to lie in the sun on a beach somewhere?!! Love Auntie Lenaxx


    1. Hi Auntie Lena
      Thanks. I think if your into the outdoors, and live in Scotland then you can’t become good weather dependant and just have to go for it and dress accordingly…says she with shorts on in rain! Hope you had a great time away, your photos looked amazing, you never know I might surprise you and hit that beach someday 😁!
      Take Care and lots of love,
      Mary xxx


  3. Alice Reid says:

    Well done Mary😊 Forget Cornwall, too busy even in May. Perhaps away from the coast may be less crowded but notyou cup of tea . Uchida preferred Brittany.
    Love/God Bless Auntie Alice x


    1. Hi Auntie Alice
      Wondered if you were back! Slightly disappointed at hearing that about Cornwall but your right too busy is not my thing! Hope you still enjoyed it though.
      Sending our love,
      Mary xxx


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