Sgor Gaoith

  • Tuesday 20th August 2019
  • Cairngorms

We decided on a contrasting hill walk today which was going to take us through magnificent pinewoods floored with carpets of heather before reaching the bare upper slopes of a vast plateau.

We had read that this summit was extremely dramatic perched on the very edge of vast broken crags that plunge down to Loch Einich….we were looking forward to what lay ahead!

Todays weather was calmer and sunnier than yesterday so views should be superb.

So we parked in a layby near Glen Feshie.

As soon as we got out the car we were surrounded and attacked by the dreaded midgies who were out in full force in these tranquil conditions provided by the birch trees we were surrounded by. We made a quick get away.

The forest was wonderful and we continued along an ascending footpath which climbed high above the cleft of the Allt Ruadh, surrounded by the most beautiful of pink heather.

It wasn’t long before we were walking over wet, boggy and muddy grass. We crossed over several streams and seemed to traverse for a long distance, up and up and up but views were once again stunning.

We eventually reached some open slopes and continued to ascend a rather flat plateau. We decided to head to the eastern edge of the plateau for views along the crags on the approach to the rocky, peaked summit of Sgor Gaoith.

Sgor Gaoith is thought to mean ‘the Peak of the Wind’ and this exposed plateau is open to the elements, having been formed, over many millions of years, through natural forces.

Sgor Gaoith is the highest point on the cliffs overlooking Loch Einich and is set in a stunning dramatic location.

I was not ready for what I was about to witness. It is perched right on the edge of huge broken crags and when you look over the Feshie plateau plunges precipitously down to the most beautiful view of Loch Einich.

Across the far side we could see the huge bulk of Braeriach and a series of corries.

This was pretty spectacular.

I love the feeling you get when nature hits you with something you least expect. This hidden gem. The colour of the water so beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful. This walk had been so worth the effort.

We reluctantly left our ‘best seats in the house’ view and headed back down.

We chose a different route down which was pretty long until we eventually reached the pinewoods to return to our car.

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  1. Helena Brogan says:

    Hi Mary just read your two blogs…couldn’t see any video though? Wondered how long it would be before you got those boots on again and headed for the hills/mountains!! How did it feel after Mount Elbrus? It would be nice if you and Andy could lead your “team” on some hikes in the Cairngorms including your Russian guide. Scenery looks stunning but some of those climbs a bit scary.😱I do admire your stamina and endurance though. Particularly as I’m sitting here in the garden like a big lump😂 my excuse is it’s too hot here today to do any exercise.🥵Although I will have a swim tomorrow. It’s Bank Holiday weekend down here..don’t know if you have a day off too?( Fortunately the weather is good…unusual for a Bank Holiday!! ) Happy Hiking. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm not sure how some can see the video and others can’t….that’s strange…so we were playing about and this was our first attempt at a short video….I always think videos give a better idea sometimes of exactly what’s going on so it’s something we are working on for future blogs…would have been good to have done this with all our travels. It certainly felt very different being back on theses hills to Mt Elbrus that’s for sure…but actually on the second walk I felt quite tired 😂…so our two friends from Worthing were meant to be coming up in two weeks time for a 4 day long weekend in the Cairngorms, they’re desperate to visit after seeing so many photos…however they’ve had to change plans due to family stuff so it’s on the hold. Also our friend José from Ohio has plans to come to Scotland…it’s just trying to fit everything in….I’d also love for Maks to visit….he would love the Scottish Highlands and the mountains even although they are small in comparison to his conquers they are still very beautiful…that climb was a bit scary and the howling of the wind in your ears or knocking you off balance doesn’t help!!

      We have eventually had such a beautiful sunny day here in August….it’s finally a heatwave 🤣 with temperatures probably reaching 23 degrees 😆….tomorrow’s meant to be the same but unfortunately I do not get this bank holiday ☹️ so making the most of the last of the sunshine!! You guys look like yous are getting it hot as per usual 😤….glad to hear your swimming is still going strong…it’s a good way to exercise. My next door neighbour just turned 80 yesterday…he looks nothing like his age…I asked his secret…he said he joint the gym and goes 3 times a week…got his wife involved also….both could run rings round some people have their age and look excellent for it! X


  2. Helena Brogan says:

    Ps just found the video. Very professional and impressive…suppose it’ll be full length movies next!!

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